Bronwyn Bishop nails the Greens

Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

Australia?s elite media-political nomenklatura are nothing if not pack-hunters. Like a mob of nasty schoolchildren, at the slightest provocation the Australian media eagerly flock to shout and scream at their chosen target. The media-political class worked themselves into a self-righteous frenzy over the nothingburger that was Al Jazeera?s ?takedown? of One Nation last week. No laws were broken and nothing outside politics-as-usual occurred, just some drunken tools babbling nonsense ? but enough for the media-political bully squad to demand that One Nation be forever consigned to political Coventry. Like a gutless toady, Prime Minister Scott Morrison caved and ordered Liberal branches to preference One Nation below Labor at the next election.

This weak-kneed capitulation angered conservative voters even further, with its unspoken assumption that they would blindly follow the party?s how-to-vote cards rather than order their preferences as they chose. But what angered conservatives even more was that what they see as a truly, dangerously radical party – the Greens – is given free rein by the elite.

Former Liberal MP and speaker, Bronwyn Bishop appeared to speak for many conservatives when she subsequently unleashed on the Greens on Paul Murray Live. Quote:

We are not looking at the [preferences] of the Greens, which Labor takes all the time. The Greens are a disgusting party.

They are a party of anti-Semites and anti-Semitism. They are people who?want to destroy the country. They don’t believe in the nation-state. They believe in open borders, they want to be part of world government. They don’t love Australia, and they are anti-Australian people. And yet the Labor party happily takes their votes and nothing is said. End of quote.


Mehreen Faruqi has a long form in denigrating Australia, which she claims ?legtimises and normalises racism?, and is ?stolen? ? which would, if she truly believes her own rhetoric, mean that Australia is not even a legitimate state. Which makes one wonder why she ever left Pakistan to come here, or why she stays. Faruqi, who was not elected to the parliament, but parachuted in by the Greens to replace outgoing former Stalinist Lee Rhiannon, rails against supposed ?online racism?, even as her own son is criticised for repeatedly spouting anti-white rhetoric on Twitter.

But Faruqi is perhaps merely the most repulsive excrescence of the Greens? thoroughgoing disdain for their own country. Quote:

It’s the Greens party that hates Australia. They have a lot of ‘green’ people who vote for it ? they don’t understand how bad and evil it is.

The Greens’ hatred for Australia is paramount. They really loathe the country. Yet the Labor party depends on them. End of quote.

As Orwell noted, it is unusual for the elite class in our society to feel a very deep attachment to their own country. The Greens take that tendency to its conclusion. Their every utterance is predicated on the bien pensant notion that Australia is a vile place, filled with vile people.

Time and again, though, vileness seems to be the hallmark of the Greens themselves: a party wracked with seemingly endless revelations of sexual abuse, candidates boasting about drug abuse, criminality and violence against women. Anti-Semitism. Flirting with terrorists. Yet, Labor not only repeatedly rely on their preferences, but all but entered into coalition with them for three years.

I?m no fan of Brownyn Bishop, not least for her cavalier treatment of the perks of office, but she is absolutely right to point out the vileness of the Greens and the hypocrisy of the media-political left.