Clueless Shorten thinks only millionaires use accountants

Bill Shorten really is a clueless hack.

Whaleoilers may be aware that an election has finally been called for Australia on May 18. The campaign is in a bit of a ?phony war? stage as yet, but the standard cavalcade of bullshit is already revving up. Labor shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen is fumbling his numbers on negative gearing and franking credits changes, and Bill Shorten is firing off his notorious ?zingers?. Quote:

Bill Shorten has attacked the ability of wealthy people to claim a tax deduction for their accountancy fees. End of quote.

It?s said that Hollywood only thinks that all men are rapists because they judge all men by their own standards. Shifty seems to have the same problem.

Educated at wealthy private schools and cossetted in cushy union head-office jobs, Shorten?s experience of working people seems mostly limited to shamelessly ripping them off in order to curry favour with bosses. Shifty also seems to judge everybody by the standards of his mega-wealthy mates. Quote:

The Opposition Leader this morning criticised the tax deduction as he dismissed Treasury?s analysis Labor?s policies would lead to $387 billion of tax increases over a decade.

Mr Shorten singled out deducting accounting fees as ?one of the rorts we want to shut down?, arguing Treasury had wrongly calculated the closing down of tax loopholes as tax increases.

?Did you know that if you want to deduct millions off your tax, you get your accountant to do it. Did you know you can also claim as a tax deduction the hundreds of thousands of dollars you give to your accountant to deduct millions out of the tax system,? Mr Shorten said.

?You can even claim what you pay the accountant as a tax deduction. Most Australians will never access that system.? End of quote.


What is this nitwit talking about? Many ordinary Australians use accountants to prepare their tax returns. Every year, companies like H&R Block and ITP do a roaring trade. I?m not wealthy by any means, but I?ve used an accountant for over 25 years.

Bill Shorten doesn?t know what the hell he is talking about. Or he does, and he?s lying through his teeth to peddle Labor?s tawdry class warfare narrative.