‘Comedian’ caught out manufacturing hit job on conservative

Two incidents in recent weeks have laid bare both the legacy media?s unabashed left bias and their utter lack of ethical principles. Only two, you ask? In recent weeks? Point taken. But, from a rich crop of hypocrisy and prejudice, these two stories are merely the most egregious examples of the legacy media?s dogmatic intolerance and venality.

The first was the uncritical cheer-squadding of a blatantly unethical and deeply disturbing hit job on the One Nation party by Islamist propagandists Al Jazeera. That a foreign-owned propaganda network had dedicated three years and untold resources to creating a fake activist movement in order to concoct a dodgy hatchet job on a democratically elected political party mattered nothing to the useful idiots of the legacy media; they were only too eager to join the howling mob, no questions asked.

The second was another attempted hit job by that most odious of legacy media excrescences, the ‘comedian’ posing as ‘political commentator’ (while being neither funny nor offering any commentary beyond the jejune orthodoxies of the celebrity left). Quote:

Two weeks ago, Comedy Central?s Jim Jefferies responded to the Christchurch massacre with a hit piece on Avi Yemini, one of the emerging breed of conservative citizen reporters producing videos on social media. Jefferies, an Australian now based in the US, interviewed Yemini a few months prior to the massacre, but rushed his heavily edited footage to air as an expos? of purported Australian white supremacism. It was built around a portrayal of Yemini as an anti-Muslim activist and an anti-black racist. End of quote:

I?ve interviewed Yemini myself, and, while it would undoubtedly be fair to say that he?s a trenchant critic of political Islam, that in itself is a perfectly valid position. But Yemini scrupulously stresses that his criticism of Islam as a doctrine should not, and is not, an attack on Muslims themselves. As for ?anti-black racist? or ?white supremacist?, the charge is frankly ridiculous. A decidedly swarthy, kippa-wearing Jew must surely be the worst white supremacist ever.

But facts like that never get in the way of a legacy media hit job. Quote:

Unfortunately for Jefferies, Yemini secretly recorded their conversation. After Jefferies aired his ambush, Yemini followed suit with a short series combining segments from Jefferies? piece with unedited sequences from his own. The results are devastating for Jim Jefferies and Comedy Central, as you can see below.

The glaring dishonesty of the editing was bad enough, but after all, such is the stock-in-trade of television ?journalism.? More damaging to Jefferies, and the trigger for a bout of Twitter-rage, was the footage of Jefferies using a less well appreciated technique of interviewers: provocation?In Jeffries? exercise in ambush journalism, the comic even sketched the Prophet as a ?wobbly ghost?, which militant Islam treats as a fatwa offence worthy of death. End of quote.

As Yemini showed, Jefferies tried to entrap him by spouting a bunch of anti-Muslim rubbish, hoping that his target would rise to the bait and join in. All Jefferies had to do, then, is edit out his own racist gibbering, and, usually, cut in some ‘shocked’ reaction shots filmed later.

But Yemini was too smart for that. Not only did he refuse to take the bait ? he explicitly rejected Jefferies? anti-Muslim sentiments ? he effortlessly turned the tables on his would-be ambusher. Quote:

The best laid schemes gang aft agley; and so did this. Jefferies? purpose was evident to Yemini, and the former?s intention was thwarted by that which the latter?s secret recording revealed. Jefferies? provocations, though filmed, were never intended to be broadcast, and though they were designed to elicit desired responses, were taken by the dim bulbs of the social media madhouse to be his actual opinions because they were secretly filmed. End of quote.


A visit to Jefferies? social media pages after he was exposed was an exercise in supremely satisfying schadenfreude. Ever since Yemini released his unedited footage, Jefferies? Twitter and Facebook pages have been deluged with constant criticism. The same happened to Sunrise?s David Koch after his notorious screaming fit at Pauline Hanson.

The legacy media have for far too long had their own way at destroying people who go against their dogmas. A new generation of smart, technologically savvy citizen journalists are hitting back.