Crusaders castrated

Of course you can remove my brand name because some people on Twitter were offended by it.

Unbelievably the Crusaders have bowed to the hurtie feelings of a few virtue signallers on Social Media and are now spending money on a research company to work out how best to emasculate themselves. They are tossing up between a vasectomy or a full castration. Quote.

[…] The Christchurch-based Super Rugby franchise announced on Wednesday that they will engage independent research company, Research First, to seek feedback and provide recommendations on the Crusaders team name and brand.

[…] New Zealand Rugby CEO Steve Tew said it is “apparent” that the symbolism used by the Crusaders is offensive to some.

[…] Feedback will be collected during the 2019 season, and following that the Crusaders and NZ Rugby boards will consider the recommendations and reach a final decision.

Tew said the current Crusaders name and branding is “no longer tenable”.

“We are asking Research First to look into two possible options moving forward – retaining the ‘Crusaders’ name but changing the branding and associated imagery; or undertaking a complete rebranding, including the name and all imagery. end of quote

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We here at Whaleoil can save them the fees of the research company because we have the results of a name change poll that we conducted that we are happy to share with them at no cost whatsoever.

1651 people took part in our poll and their opinion was clear. 1185 people said that that the Crusaders should NOT change their name.

Results of Whaleoil poll