Cry babies of the week

What has an amusing cartoon got to do with Crybaby of the week I can hear you asking. Well, a couple of crybabies seem to think that humour is fine as long as it is never about their favoured identity group. You can laugh and poke fun at everyone else but it is totally unacceptable if they personally perceive it as being phobic.

The New Zealand Herald has apologised for publishing a cartoon widely condemned as transphobic.

Cry baby number one.

Cry baby number two.

Instalments of the UK comic Alex regularly appear in the Business section of the newspaper. First printed in 1987, Alex is set in a satirical corporate financial environment.

[…] The comic was roundly criticised when it was posted to the r/newzealand Reddit forum. It’s also been called bigoted by Twitter users, some of whom questioned whether NZME deserved its ‘Rainbow Tick’, which is awarded to companies that show solidarity with the LGBT community.

[…] An NZME spokesperson has offered an apology for the Herald’s decision to print the strip.
“We sincerely apologise for the offence caused by the cartoon – we believe it was meant to highlight transphobia and was not intended to be offensive to the transgender community,” they told Newshub.
“The cartoon missed the mark. We will be more vigilant in future.”

An apology was also printed in the Thursday edition of the Herald.
The character of Stephanie has appeared in previous Alex comics […]