Cultural Christians should defend Judeo-Christian values

Published in April 2015, an article related to Pew Research forecast that there will be more Muslims than Christians in the world within 60 years. New Zealand is one of eight countries that will lose their Christian majority during that time with the proportion of Christians slumping from 57 percent of the population at present to 44.7 percent.

The number of countries with a Christian majority is expected to decline from 159 to 151 by 2050. At that point, according to the study’s projections, the largest religious category in New Zealand will be “unaffiliated” at 45.1 percent.

The Pew Research Centre says that by 2070, Christianity and Islam will each have about 32 percent of the world population.

Our successful Western Culture has legal and political systems that are based on Judeo-Christian values of justice and morality along with the proclivity to seek peace within a troubled world. This is a reality the left-leaning MSM and academia like to dispute.

It is disturbing that our politicians and parliament, along with the world elite political class and ?their soldiers of propaganda? (the mainstream media), intentionally ignore or ?skirt around? the plight of persecuted Christians and the destruction of places of Christian worship.

Christians are being subjugated and slaughtered all over the world but politicians and the media do not want to talk about it.

My philosophy is that I am a ?Cultural Christian? who attempts to live by the teachings of Jesus and the New Testament. Earlier in life I uncomfortably declared myself an Atheist but at this later stage, I am an agnostic.

Cultural Christians are deists, pantheists, agnostics, atheists, and anti-theists who adhere to Christian values and appreciate Christian culture. This kind of identification may be due to various factors, such as family background, personal experiences, and the social and cultural environment in which they grew up. In other words, Cultural Christians believe in the philosophy of Jesus and the New Testament, but exclude the belief in their supernatural nature.

Western culture is being attacked by various means, with the goal of overthrowing our Christian based democracy. To help achieve this the left is taking advantage of our separation of church and state.

Cultural Christians need to uphold our democratic philosophy and aid the recognition of our western democracy. They need to ensure that the commemoration of our ANZACs (some whom were our fathers and grandfathers who, in their own minds, fought, were maimed, or died defending God, ?King? and Country), cannot again be desecrated by the Coalition Of Losers with their alternate ideology and censorship.

The fact is that most of us were brought up within a Christian based society. The next time I complete a form which asks me what my religion is, I will declare Christian, as that is the premise on which our western democracy is based and it is my preferred western life philosophy.

The alternative, to declare myself an atheist, would assist the Marxists and supporters of Shariah, who work from within to throw the West out the window.