Did Joe Biden really just steal Trump’s byline?

Former US Vice President Joe Biden announced on Twitter he was entering the 2020 White House race.

Former Democrat senator Joe Biden has thrown his hat in the ring for the Democratic nomination in the upcoming US general elections. He wants to be president and he only has to beat Hillary Clinton, 1/1024 Native American Elizabeth Warren and about sixteen others to get the nod that will allow him to go up against Trump in 2020.

Everyone knows that when you are having a crack at ruling the world, you have to have a catchy byline so that everyone knows what you?re all about. So, what did Biden and his team of hundreds of helpers come up with? Quote.

America is coming back like we used to be. End quote.

Seriously? Why didn?t he just use Trump’s ?Make America Great Again?? At least there are heaps of hats already on the market. His version will be far too hard for the screaming lefties to read through their liberal tears when Trump wins another term.

But what does ?America is coming back like we used to be? actually mean? Well, when he gave that as an answer when asked if he had a message for the world, he felt the need to add a couple of clarifications. Quote.

Ethical, straight, telling the truth ? supporting our allies. All those good things. End quote.

Jeeze, I?m not sure if he could sound any more like Trump really. But then I suppose you might as well go with what?s working.

Kind of odd then that he stated in his announcement video that he believes history will look back on four years of President Donald Trump and all he embraces as an “aberrant moment in time”.

Still it?s a better byline than ?Vote for Creepy Uncle Joe?. That man really needs to learn to keep his hands to himself, and to stop sniffing people?s hair!

Funnily enough though, his long history of service to the American people is also being seen as a bit of a road block for him. After all, way back in the ?80s and ?90s he was the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee that was bringing in all sorts of ?tough on crime? legislation, three strikes laws and suchlike.

Of course no liberal worth their salt would now be seen dead suggesting such an abhorrent thing. It?s all catch and release now, at least until the crime starts seeping in behind their walled compounds.

Anyway, it looks like the democratic front runners are Creepy Uncle Joe, Crooked Hillary and Not Really A Native Warren. Things are looking up for a bit of humour over there in the States. I can?t wait for them to start eating each other. Popcorn anyone?