Educated idiots think non-whites are too dumb to read

Thomas Sowell has written more than 30 books. Ayaan Hirsi Ali is an avid reader who says that new books and ways of thought both stretched her imagination and frightened her. Little do they know they are enabling white supremacy.

The never-ending river of prolix idiocy that spews from the ivory towers of education academics is proving yet again to be a rich mine of comedy gold.

If only it weren?t so disturbing that these over-educated pea-brains are in charge of our childrens? schooling.

I recently wrote about an ?education academic? (which seems to be an oxymoron) babbling about ?phallic teachers? and their ?probes?. Now they?re gibbering about reading being?wait for it??racist?. Quote:

An education activist complained Tuesday about the criticism she received after claiming last month that ?Worship of the written word is a tenet of white supremacy.?

Kelly Wickham Hurst, feminist and executive director of a non-profit organization that advocates for black students, accused critics of misinterpreting a tweet in which she expressed her belief that people who were overly focused on reading and writing were upholding racist ideals. End of quote.

All that mankind has done, thought, gained, or been; it is lying as in magic preservation in the pages of books

Thomas Carlyle

My local library had Thomas Carlyle?s profound words chiseled into its wall. It never failed to impress me when I went to the library as I so often did. If only I?d known then that I was entering the local chapterhouse of the KKK. Quote:

Although society may view books as the only path to literacy, according to Hurst, ?there are plenty of other ways.? End of quote.

Such as what? Smoke signals? Sticks?

Many critics were also quick to point out her tacit bigotry, not to mention her self-contradiction. Quote:

?Are you calling minorities illiterate??

Twitter User

?Interesting concept. Glad you wrote it down,? quipped one critic. Evolutionary behavioral scientist and public intellectual Gad Saad took a sarcastic dig at Hurst. ?I?ll add the written word to the long list of things, ideas, concepts, etc. that are manifestations of white supremacy,? Saad tweeted.

[Another tweeted]: “Agree because non-whites don?t have the ability to understand the written word. Am I doing this right?” End of quote.

But, hey, everything is white supremacy, these days. Even time. Quote:

In a textbook example of the kind of racially charged rhetoric that skeptics decry as absurd, a gender studies professor recently discussed the racial implications of time during an NPR interview, arguing that ?if time had a race, it would be white? and that ?White people own time.? End of quote.


But, as Theodore Dalrymple has written: ?There is no racist like an ?anti-racist?. That is because he is obsessed by race?He looks at the world through race-tinted spectacles.?