Envy tax update

ACT party

Thank you to those who have supported our Envy Tax campaign so far. We have already persuaded thousands of New Zealanders that a CGT would be unfair and damaging to the economy, but there is work more to do.

New poll

A new poll has found 54 per cent of New Zealanders don?t want Labour?s Envy Tax. Just 31 per cent support it. On the same day as this poll was released, a pro-CGT rally was held at parliament. Fewer than 10 people showed up. New Zealanders don?t want this tax.

Massive costs

Business NZ has estimated a CGT would dump $5 billion in compliance, administration and deadweight costs on business, government and the economy. This is an enormous sum given the Finance Minister has said the tax would not raise any additional revenue for the government.

Iwi exemption

Iwi want an exemption to a capital gains tax because it would be a huge burden on them. ACT opposes treating iwi differently. All New Zealanders should be equal under the law. If a CGT is bad for iwi, it is bad for all New Zealanders.

On the run

When asked their plans for a capital gains tax, Jacinda Ardern and Grant Robertson can only say ?we haven?t made any decisions yet.? Labour and NZ First are asking their supporters what they should do. The government is wavering. Let?s keep them on the run.

What you can do

You can help defeat the Envy Tax by telling Labour and NZ First MPs to drop their plans. Email them here. You can also share our campaign website with friends and family. […]