Extinction Rebellion II

I find it hard to take seriously a person with a plant on their head, but maybe that is just me?

Ecomaniacs (Ecofascists?) ?Extinction Rebellion? have posters up at Canterbury University, calling for action this week in line with their parent group in the UK causing havoc in London recently.

(Why do New Zealand academics, activists and lawmakers still follow the failed UK models? Aren?t we a proud independent Asian Pacific nation with an independent New World Progressive outlook fortified with Indigenous knowledge?)

So expect disruption and inconvenience in the future as this overwhelmingly white and privileged movement with a saviour complex tells us the world will end in 12 years unless you change your evil ways. We. Must. Act. Now. Fullstop.

Our best and brightest tell us green technology is within our grasp, and if we would just stop with the capitalism we can progress to a peaceful, inclusive, brave new eco-socialist utopia.

But how do these fantasists think the green technology can be delivered with zero carbon emitted?

The electric bullet trains, solar powered heat pumps, VolksEVs, and all our buildings renewed to the latest eco standards happens how?

Who makes the stuff and where? How will these factories be powered? How do the copper, silicone, steel, cobalt, lithium, aluminium and glass get from in the ground overseas to Aotearoa, installed, user-friendly and working fault free with spares and support available for the next 30+ years?

Not having a university education perhaps means I just don?t get it. As a practical guy I know that installing new infrastructure and upgrading tech is hard work and finding others to do it for you reliably, swiftly, and at a reasonable price is nearly impossible now for relatively small projects.

I guess those hard working Asians will create it all for us and install it here without emitting the carbon or disturbing the fauna and flora, and the Extinction Rebellion uni types will project-manage it all on time and below budget from a glassy tower in Wellington over a Matcha Green Tea Latte.

And they?ll complete this worldwide zero carbon re-engineering by 2025? Sure, no problem.

The other option, I guess, is back to the blissful agrarian model where we plough with bullocks and hit the hay at 7pm because there are no lights except in the drawing room of the big house, where, lit by beeswax candles and over a horn of mead, the Extinction Rebellion uni types discuss how ungrateful the plebs are when living in this eco feudal paradise.

Maybe the key is getting rid of our current form of democracy. Extinction Rebellion?s ?3rd DEMAND!? is the woolly ?Government must create and be led by the decisions of a Citizens? Assembly on climate and ecological justice?.

They explain this further stating they are aligned with the Sortition Foundation who state: quote.

“We campaign for a world free from partisan politicking, where a representative random sample of everyday people make decisions in an informed, deliberative and fair environment.” end quote.

Of course! That?ll work. Just get a few diverse randoms off the street to run the country and, as long as these randoms get ?deliberative advice? from the Extinction Rebellion uni types, I?m sure everything will be sweet as.

Actually it?s not too dissimilar to what we have now…