Face of the day

STATISTICS NZ Government Statistician Liz MacPherson has been ordered by a select committee to produce information about Census 2018 after repeated refusals.

I really feel for today’s face of the day. I imagine her situation would be similar to someone who was told to deliver a comprehensive book review on 10 books by a deadline but who was only delivered 5 books and of those, 2 were missing pages.

National state services spokesman Dr Nick Smith?said the?committee unanimously decided such an extraordinary measure was required?after MacPherson again refused to answer on the basis it would require “extensive contextual information”.?

“It is the first time ever that I have seen a select committee having to use its powers to require a public servant to provide an answer to a basic question.
“I can only draw the conclusion that Stats NZ has something to hide.”


I suspect that what they have to hide is that they have been unable to do their job properly due to the Census being a total disaster.