FBI accused of being muscle for dodgy comedians

The evidence that we are living in a Clown World grows by the day. A comic has been elected president of the Ukraine, and America?s peak domestic law enforcement body is running cover for dodgy “comedians”.

Honk-honk. Quote:

Aussie Journalist Avi Yemini was denied entry to the United States of America following alleged connections between the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Comedy Central?s parent company, Viacom, TR.NEWS can exclusively reveal. End of quote.

Sadly, this is no joke. The FBI is the United States? principle domestic law enforcement body. During the Obama administration, government agencies at every level ? from the Department of Justice to the Internal Revenue Service ? were weaponised in order to pursue political opponents. If the US? pinnacle law enforcement body is now doing the bidding of the left-wing media-political complex, this is a gravely disturbing development. Quote:

The U.S. Government agency was accused of having ?links? to the U.S. media giant and used them to BAN Avi Yemini from entering the States after he exposed Comedy Central?s ?The Jim Jefferies in an undercover sting that revealed shocking editorial standards and bias. End of quote.


Avi humiliated Jeffries and Comedy Central when he exposed their attempted dirty tricks. Their social media platforms have been hammered for weeks with angry messages. Quote:

The companies chief security officer is a former FBI Special Agent who was in charge of the New York counter terror division, the same FBI division who detained and subsequently deported Avi Yemini.

Carlos T. Fernandez retired after 21 years in the agency before taking up the lead security position in Viacom.

Earlier this month, Yemini attempted to enter the U.S. at LAX airport only to be detained by the FBI.

Yemini said he arrived in the country for a ?national tour against fake news? following his Jim Jefferies and Comedy Central expose.

When the FBI first detained Yemini, he jokingly pointed at the agents and said ?Comedy Central??Yemini said he was surprised when one of the FBI agents responded ?we are a separate entity to Comedy Central? they are just the informants?. End of quote.

As Yemini says, why did the FBI agents feel compelled to clarify what should have gone without saying? Quote:

?The issue that raises questions is that Special Agent Carlos Fernandez was the head of the counter-terrorism division of the FBI in New York? This is the same unit that detained, and subsequently deported me from LAX last week,? he added.

?The question here is; did Mr Fernandez use his FBI connections to have me detained and deported last week? Or is this really just a coincidence.? End of quote.