Gangs with illegal firearms? They’re not supposed to do that

Caption: Who would ever have thought that these guys would flout the law?

In 2017 then US Secretary of State John Kerry was confronted with the fact that one of the terrorists he and Obama had released from Guantanamo Bay had gone right back to Al Qaeda. Flummoxed, Kerry responded, ?Well, uh, he?s not supposed to be doing that?. As a decorated war veteran, it might be expected that Kerry would have more than the usual insight into the human venality. Apparently not.

To the pure, all things are pure was a favourite saying of my mother?s. It seems also that the sanctimonious, who assume their own innate virtue, likewise assume that sanctimoniousness in others is a sure sign of similar virtue. When the sanctimonious turn out to be unscrupulous and hypocritical, the smugly self-righteous are shocked. Shocked, I tell you. Quote:

I just don’t understand how the gangs can go from doing haka outside mosques (enjoying some high profile publicity) to a few weeks later refusing to hand over their guns. End of quote.

It?s almost like they were just sanctimonious frauds grandstanding for back-pats. There?s been a lot of that going around, lately. Quote:

Standing in solidarity with Muslims outside the mosques after the shootings, offering condolences and doing media interviews about their support – but then reverting to type and basically giving the law the middle finger. End of quote.

What part of ?outlaw gangs? didn?t she get?

But, hey, at least they?ve said they?re going to drop their half-century old ?sieg heil? tradition. Maybe they?ll even forego their swastikas and coal-scuttle helmets. Even gangs aren?t immune to virtue-signalling. Quote:

Legislation to change firearms laws is on its way and the Government has given gun owners until September to hand them over.

But the Mongrel Mob has said no thanks. Not for them.

?Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters and Police Minister Stuart Nash had their serious faces on yesterday as they issued stern warnings to gangs to hand over guns – “or there’ll be consequences”, they said.

Those consequences involve the police following them up. End of quote.

Gosh. I can just imagine the Mongrel Mob and Black Power quaking in their boots. After all, they?ve never been in trouble with the police before. Quote:

Stuart Nash hasn’t ruled out giving police extra powers to search and seize guns from gang members – he was acutely unimpressed at their blatant refusal to obey the law. End of quote.

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Yeah, they?re not supposed to be doing that. Just ask John Kerry.