Golriz uses her free speech to undermine our democracy

I am so glad that Green list MP Golriz Ghahraman has freedom of speech. As many people as possible need to listen to her views so that the Green Party will lose as many votes as possible.

I do not want to silence her nor do I want to punish her for her divisive opinions. I want to amplify her voice so that people know exactly how divisive and wrong she is.

She talks about hate speech undermining our democracy as she undermines our democracy by advocating for some people to be more equal than others.

By labelling opinions and criticisms that she doesn’t like as “hate speech” she is advocating taking away the cornerstone of our democracy, which is freedom of speech.

She undermines our democracy by demonising white people and by blaming everything on colonisation, when colonisation is the reason she has freedom of speech, a higher education, the right to vote and equal rights.