Green generation not so Great

Cartoon by Bill Leak.

My ancestors helped carve a modern nation out of scrub and bush. My grandfather fought at Gallipoli and on the Western Front. My parents lived the Great Depression and the Second World War. My in-laws somehow dodged machine-gun bullets and farmed their little family plots under the shadow of the most intense aerial bombardment in history. Those of us who are the beneficiaries of the most peaceful and prosperous era in human history owe everything to the generations of giants upon whose shoulders we stand.

But a generation of spoiled brats wants to tear down everything they worked so hard for, and often died to build. Quote:

My grandfather was part of the Greatest Generation. Toughened by wars and depression, they were patriotic nation builders. Their monuments are long-term productive assets?They survived floods, droughts, bushfires and plagues of mice, rabbits, locusts and prickly pear to develop an agricultural industry that provides food and fibre for millions of consumers. They welcomed boatloads of hard working migrants from many countries?The Greatest Generation made sure their kids behaved at school and did their homework.

Our lives are now controlled by the Green Generation, who follow a globalist agenda. This generation has devalued science, engineering and trade skills and pollute education curricula with the mantras of the green religion. Now they mobilise noisy truant kids for political rallies. End of quote.

These are children who demand the newest smartphones, are chauffered to school where they are cosseted in air-conditioned classrooms, lavishly praised for how unique and wonderful they are, and no one is allowed to fail. They are spared even the confronting sight of a red pencil mark on their ? rarely handwritten and increasingly grammatically deficient, not to say badly spelled ? work.

And they are endlessly, endlessly drilled in green-left dogma. Quote:

Too many of the Green Generation specialise in obstruction, destruction and delay, while themselves consuming the assets of the past. They cheer the demolition of coal-fired power plants and use green law-fare to stop or delay almost everything else. Among their battle trophies are South Australian and Victorian coal mines and power stations, most new industry proposals in Tasmania, much offshore oil exploration, new dam proposals in every state, and every new proposal for coal development, gas exploration or fracking. They hope to hang the scalps of Adani Coal, Rocky Point Coal, Wandoan Coal and all Galilee Basin developments on their trophy wall. Australia has a huge uranium resources but nuclear power is banned?

The sad history of Whyalla is instructive. The Greatest Generation built an iron mine, a steel works and a great shipbuilding enterprise there. Most of it is idle now?The Greatest Generation created our present world and left many useful assets as their monuments.

The Green Generation is destroying our future. The way things are heading, the lasting monuments to the Green Generation will be the skeletons of abandoned solar ?farms? overgrown by lantana scrub, the concrete foundations of bankrupt wind ?farms?, and spider-webs of useless sagging transmission lines and towers. End of quote.

Generations who came after the fall of the Roman Empire were often astonished at the crumbling splendour they saw all around them. Some decided that they could only have been built by giants. Quote:

These memorials will serve to remind the next generation of the long, costly and futile war on hydrocarbon energy and the many failed climate forecasts. End of quote.