Greens get serious about climate change

As a precursor to the up coming Zero Carbon Act championed by the co-leader of the Green Party, The Hon James Shaw has announced a new policy initiative as his Captain’s Call.

All indications are that he has made this decision on his own initiative as there was no mention of this new policy on the Twitter feeds of the other co-leader, Marama Davidson, or the Twitter feeds of Golriz Gharaman or Eugenie Sage.

Shaw seems to have manned up and made a decision all by himself for a change.

So what is this new policy?

To show that the Greens really do believe that climate change is man made and that we in New Zealand can and must do something to stop or curb the carbon dioxide emissions which are causing the recent heavy rainfall which washed away the Waiho bridge, this newly announced policy will come into force immediately.

As of the beginning of April, the Greens will make all their MP’s sign a declaration that they will no longer use air transport and will be driving only affordable electric cars to get to Wellington.

This will necessitate carpooling with other Greens wherever possible or riding bicycles which can be electric or unpowered; both styles are approved

Shaw has also announced that they have, as a consequence, requested from the speaker that their members be excused from 67% of future parliamentary sittings due to excess travel time required as they wait for batteries to be re-charged on the long trips.

The Greens have given their proxy votes to Jami Lee-Ross to use on any occasions when they are unavailable to make a scheduled sitting time due to battery charge holdups.