Hand your guns in to the police: What could possibly go wrong?

We have already explained why our PM is New Zealand’s number one gun saleswoman as when people are paid out for the guns that they are being forced to hand in to the police, they will use that cash to go out and buy…more guns.

What no one considered, however, was what happens when the guns are handed in to the police. It turns out that at least in the case of the Palmerston North Police station what happens is that a single man is able to steal from the police station not one but ELEVEN guns!

This theft was from the Palmerston North district headquarters!

Looking at the photo of the man accused of the theft, he isn’t built like a bodybuilder so it seems extremely unlikely that he was able to carry 11 guns all at once. How many trips back and forth did he make I wonder? quote.

[…] Police said Alan James Harris, 38, allegedly stole the firearms from the Palmerston North Police Station yesterday morning.
The guns were not police firearms but were being held as exhibits or had been handed in for destruction.
The embarrassing blunder occurred as gun owners are surrendering military-style semi-automatics (MSSAs) and assault rifles around the country as part of a Government buyback scheme which followed the Christchurch mosque shootings.

[…] Harris was found by a member of police staff in the yard of the police station at 7.40am.
He fled in a car, which police have since recovered, along with another car owned by him. end quote.

A Newspaper

They have recovered the car but not the weapons.

Oh dear.