How dare those nasty Republicans stop their child exploitation fun!

“Nothing sexual, nothing inappropriate.”

Paedophilia seems to be a creeping virus stealthily infecting the political left, the ?lgbtqi? lobby especially. While the exploitation of children as animate political voodoo dolls is as subtle as a Hitler Youth rally, the sexualisation of children in the name of leftist ideology is even more insidious. One of the more skin-crawling trends is the fad for ?child drag queens?.

The gay lobby are outraged that anyone would try to put a stop to their fun. After all, if a nightclub full of adult gay men can?t throw money at a little boy dressed up as some kind of clown-whore, it?s like Stonewall never happened. Quote:

Republican lawmakers in Ohio have filed a bill that would clamp down on drag performances by minors as ?child exploitation.?

Ohio representative Tim Schaffer has proposed a bill in the state legislature seeking to clamp down on performances by ?a child under eighteen years of age or a mentally or physically handicapped child under twenty-one years of age,? in a response to a performance by a nine-year-old drag queen.

Offenders could face up to six months in prison and a $1000 fine, while violations of the law could lead to venues being stripped of their liquor licenses. End of quote.

As a few commentators on the Pink News article noted, this would probably also put an end to those creepy child beauty pageants. Sounds like a win-win. Quote:

In a release, Schaffer confirmed the bill was a response to ?a performance by a child in a local bar [that] concerned numerous citizens throughout Fairfield County.?

Nine-year-old performer Jacob Measley and his family have faced a tidal wave of threats and abuse after he performed as ?Miss Mae Hem? as a drag event.

His mother Jerri Measley?She said: ?Jacob is just a guy who likes to dress up and dance and feel pretty? it?s kind of like Halloween every time he has the opportunity to do it.?

Schaffer claimed that show was ?a very bad example of parenting,? and likened the performance to human trafficking. End of quote.

When a Muslim terrorist murdered 50 gay men in a Florida nightclub, the gay lobby, bizarrely, blamed Republicans. The gay lobby have long given up representing actual gay people, instead becoming a particularly deranged far-left fifth column. Quote:

Schaffer?s bill is co-sponsored by eight other Republican lawmakers, the majority of whom have anti-LGBT records?The specific wording of the bill would outlaw any performance ?that suggests a minor is participating or engaging in sexual activity, masturbation, or bestiality and that, taken as a whole by the average person applying contemporary community standards, appeals to prurient interest.? End of quote.

?Anti-LGBT records?, such as? This is, after all, a demented lobby group that endlessly repeats the lie that vice-president Mike Pence promoted ?conversion therapy?. If resisting the disgusting creep of paedophilic ideology on the left is ?anti-LGBT?, then you can count many gays as ?anti-LGBT?. Indeed, there?s enough of them for the ?rainbow? nutbars to coin a disparaging collective noun: ?homocons?. As if that?s an insult.

Even many of Pink News? readers supported the Ohio Bill. Seeing that kid dance in front of gay men throwing dollar bills was disgusting, wrote one. The sexualisation of children is child abuse. No exception, wrote another.

But the rainbow brigade are having none of it. Quote:

Local LGBT+ campaigner Kristen Angelo said: ?There is nothing wrong with what Jacob is doing. Nothing sexual, nothing inappropriate.? End of quote.


Yes: they really think that.