How to make Vegan banana bacon

Monkeys love bananas but do not eat the banana peel. Like we humans, they throw it away. However some Vegans have discovered a way to enjoy banana peel by frying it up as a bacon alternative.

One of our Whaleoil readers was open-minded and adventurous enough to give it a go and shared their photos of the process with us as well as their thoughts on the end result.

Ok, I am going to try this?for the sake of trying before judgement?

Will report lunchtime?

Step one.
Step two.
Step three.
Final result: Vegan bacon

Ok, I didn’t have any bacon flavor sauce so went au natural, I know what bacon tastes like so no need, just the texture and base taste..
Its kind of stringy?the peel fibres probably not broken down enough in steam. Has a banana flavour(of course)..but bitter. And yes, like cardboard?

If Vegan banana bacon doesn’t appeal try the Whale Meat Company one step process to get delicious bacon.

Whale Meat Company customer photo