‘I used to be schizophrenic but we are ok now’

I read this on a thread on another post. Apparently, Julian Assange was quoted as having said this, and people leapt to the conclusion that he was mentally unwell. Apparently, he was admitting to being schizophrenic. But when I look at what a schizophrenic really is, I think it is much more likely that he was joking.

Many of us admit to having multiple personalities. That is totally different to being schizophrenic. Let me explain.
Having multiple personalities is almost a prerequisite to living in this modern and troubled world. We want to keep our heads below the radar, blend in and say as little as possible so that we can avoid the Thought Police and the laws that our governments pass in order to keep us under the thumb.

As a blogger, I use a different name and no one knows who I am except me ? and my Mum, of course. It doesn?t matter how old or young you are, your Mum knows everything.

As a Grandmother, I am different to a Parent. As a daughter, I am respectful and do as I am told? well, as much as possible. After over 60 years of practice, I simply find it easier not to answer back.
But as a person, I have now become different personalities. To my neighbours, I am a quiet and reclusive lady who lives alone. Their neighbour is an enigma.

Online, I have one identity who is fiercely outspoken and another who is philosophical and questioning. Offline, I am a parent, a grandparent, a child and an adult. I am a warrior for justice; a lover of fair play; a defender against injustice; yet I am also a quiet bystander who says nothing. I speak my mind yet hold my tongue.
But they are ALL ME.

Multiple personalities are part of life and an essential part of modern life.
How many of you reading this can honestly say that you are not developing multiple personalities?

Are you the same person in public as you are behind closed doors? Are you the same person that people ‘know’ as the person that only you know you really are?
We are all becoming masters of the disguise. The clever veil that we pull down to mask our true emotions and our true beliefs.
Perhaps there is some message that can be gained from the burqa, that hideous garment that hides emotion and shields interaction between people?

Are we not all living behind a metaphorical burqa these days?
Let?s face it. Without our burqa of the internet, are we not also exposed to show our emotions and our feelings?
We must have multiple personalities these days because, if we do not, we will simply become the quiet obedient black shadow that wanders our supermarkets, draped in a covering that denies us the right to share our hearts and our emotions.

The internet has become our last bastion, and if this is taken from us then we are destined to become wraiths dwelling in a twilight zone that is neither life nor death.
At present, we are still able to have multiple personalities. If the internet is censored, will we have any personality at all?