Idiocy of the first order to appease the climate gods

Image: OMICS International

The ever-present threat of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Change is in your face where ever you look these days ? almost as bad as the bad old days prior to the release of the two tranches of ClimateGate emails, which demonstrated the perfidy of the Global Warming adherents for all to see.

Those pushing this handbrake on humanity are well-ensconced in society, however, and push their barrow relentlessly via the MSM, school curricula, university professors, duplicitous politicians and vicious ad hominem attacks on those that dare have another opinion on the matter.

Anecdotally, the cost to the taxpayers of the world is $1.5 trillion ? that?s one thousand five hundred billion dollars (one presumes this figure is US dollars) per annum. Where does all this dosh go, and what do the taxpayers get for this horrendous amount of money?

If you were counting on the Fourth Estate to enlighten you, you are sadly deluded, as they are a large part of the problem ? shamelessly spruiking the lie that man-made CO2 is causing the planet to overheat disastrously and that we?re all going to die unless we do something now.

A couple of weeks ago in ?Rural News? the headline squealed, “Climate Change Risk”, and Damian O?Connor warned the cockies that if they didn?t take climate change into account, they could be jeopardising major markets such as the EU and the UK. ?They [the Poms and Eurocrats] are expecting us to be part of the climate change movement?, he said. So, okay, Damian, be part of the climate change idiocy, or look out: we?ll destroy your livelihood. Nice.

On page 7 of the same issue the Chief Science Advisor for Primary Industries told the recent NZ Agricultural Conference on Climate Change held in Palmerston North that climate change ?is a wicked problem lacking a solution?.  He also said that there was a mish-mash of information available on climate change, ?some from people not qualified to speak on the subject?. No prizes who for guessing who isn?t qualified to speak on the subject, eh, Dr Roche. People like Dr Richard Lidzen, Dr Will Happer, Dr Tim Ball, Dr Jennifer Morahasey, et al, I guess. Oh no, they don?t adhere to the mantra, and all who mention their names are admonished that they have been ‘debunked’.

Apart from, on page 29, another opinion piece by the Chair of Beef & Lamb NZ, no less, on steps we must take based on science to tackle climate change. There is also (just in case you?re not getting the message and are not suitably terrified) the issue?s editorial, which says, ?The government has a clear message for farmers: ignore climate change at your peril”.  How can one not be impressed?

Then, for more doom and gloom, one can turn to last week?s issue of Farmers Weekly, which headline reads: ?Gas tax is closer?.   ?Livestock farmers could face an initial greenhouse gas emissions tax of $50 million a year rising to $1 billion, Interim Climate Change Committee David Prentice says.?

The numbers these people toss around with gay abandon are astonishing – $50m here, $1b there, $14.2b for the Paris Climate Agreement.  It?s only money.

The article says that the government is moving the economy to be ?carbon neutral” by 2020! Next year! They could be deducting money from cockies? kill sheets and milk receipts to meet their ?emissions obligations? they say; and get this:

Money raised will be used to introduction [sic] the policy but also to help rural communities cope with the likely loss of jobs and services such as schools as farming families leave areas when farmland is planted in trees to offset emissions.?

This is, quite clearly, idiocy of the first order. In order to appease the climate gods, they?re going to tax the poor bloody farmer to the extent that they?ll be driven off the land to make way for trees to absorb ?carbon? which will cool the fevered brow of the planet.

Speaking of ?carbon?, these pushers of climate calamity can never seem to grasp what they?re actually referring to ? soot or a gas. If I were to go around saying that oxygen is bad for you and will kill you if you let it get too hot or that it is responsible for many deaths every year, then I?d rightfully be scorned and face the wrath of anyone who heard me say it.

If it is not good enough to leave the H2 off the H2O, then it is not good enough to leave O2 off the CO2.

The article also notes that methane lasts 12 years in the atmosphere and that CO2 remains there for 100 years. Well Dr Doug Edmeades says, ?the carbon-methane cycle – methane-to-CO2-to-forage-plants-to-animals-to-methane – is a closed cycle.? Therefore we can forget about any perceived harm to the atmosphere from methane.

Dr Murray Salby informs us that the residency period of CO2 is 8.6 years ? not the 100 years to ?100s? of years claimed by the CAGW crowd.

Millions upon millions of words have been written championing the pros and cons of global warming aka CAGW aka Climate Disruption but none seem to have been written about where all the money goes ? who gets the dosh.

Vague mention is made of ?third World countries to ?help them combat climate change.? And everyone seems to be satisfied with this! Incredible as it sounds, no one seems to be interested in the vast amounts of money that are being plundered from our economies nor where (or who) it is being sent to!

And what specific thing has been purchased with these mountains of cash? About the only thing visible to homines creduli is airports full of private jets as ?climate scientists? attend their endless conferences in the world?s nicest venues.

That there is no empirical evidence that CO2 causes climate change proves quite simply that this whole shemozzle, employing tens of thousands of people worldwide and costing literally trillions of dollars, frenetically running around looking for ever more ways to tax the producers of wealth in our societies, is nothing but a crock. It is purely a massive transfer of wealth and a planned change ? the biggest in our history ? to our economic systems.