Inconvenient fact of the week

Pinterest Little girl holding golliwog, 1926, Walberton, Sussex

Seeing that every Social Justice Warrior is wailing about the Golliwog at the moment, here is an interesting but inconvenient fact about them.

In Nazi Germany, golliwogs and books about golliwogs were burned. Why? Because the Nazis didn’t want white children playing with toys representing black people. The loony left has more in common with Nazis than anyone else.


According to an editorial in The Times newspaper, golliwogs were banned by the Nazis in 1934 on the grounds they were inappropriate toys for young German children, “for of all non-Aryans none is more completely non-Aryan than he [Golliwog]… Some say he is so attractive an advertisement for a black face that his presence makes it harder to teach the young to wash.”[5]


A new menace to the racial purity program of the Nazis has been rooted out of German life with the recognition by the government that golliwogs and other black-faced dolls are a threat to the so-called Aryan state. Hence forth, golliwogs and black-faced dolls are taboo in the Third Reich and the danger that flaxen-haired German youngsters may lavish affection on a ?non-Aryan? doll is averted.

With golliwogs barred from the New Germany, by executive order, the Manchester Guardian is impelled to express its concern over the status of the teddy bear. The world-famous liberal organ expresses fear that the teddy bear, too, may be ?non-Aryan? in origin and therefore an offensive and dangerous plaything for hundred per cent ?Aryan? children.

April 4th 1934 end quote.