ISIS brides helped make a hell on earth: They can stay there

This is what they chose.

When the Islamic State?s caliphate was at its height and hundreds of Australian Muslims were flocking to get in on the head-chopping, Christian-killing, slave-raping action, the left-media elite wrung their hands and wept, ?How can we stop them?? The government complied by cancelling many would-be jihadis? passports.

Many other Australians thought that this was taking the wrong end of the stick. ?Let them go,? people said. ?And don?t let them back.? This seemed a fair proposition: if someone hates Australia and the Australian way of life with such violent opprobrium, why on earth would we want them among us?

Even more, why should we let them back? Quote:

The women who left Australia for Islamic State are not innocents abroad. They are traitors who surrendered their right of return when they enlisted in genocidal jihad. They chose terrorism over peace, enslavement over freedom, sharia law over liberal democracy and the caliphate over Australia. They violated the inherent hum?an rights of innocents in the most gruesome manner imaginable. Families rising up to defend the brides of Islamic State genocide should hang their heads in shame.

Australian foreign fighters living in Syrian refugee camps include three men and 10 women?Excluding four unidentified cases, the women and men would have been adults when they left the country to join Islamic State?

International news was saturated with stories about the extreme violence of Islamic State fighters. They were staging public decapitations, burning people alive, raping wom?en and beheading children. They buried grandmothers with their children in mass graves. They tortured Christian children to punish parents?female foreigners poured in to Syria and Iraq to assist Islamic State soldiers. They knew exactly where they were going and for what purpose. End of quote.

These are not starry-eyed innocents abroad. These are people who watched Islamic State snuff videos graphically depicting the most disgusting crimes imaginable, and were desperate to join in. Now that their dinky little caliphate has been pounded into the dust and their last sex slave beheaded (liberating soldiers report seeing bins full of decapitated heads), they?re suddenly angling for sympathy? Quote:

Many families of women who joined Islamic State are pleading for public sympathy. Some are taking legal action to compel Western governments to permit their Islamist offspring to return. Lest we forget what the willing brides of Islamic State genocide do to those in their care. End of quote.

Anyone who thinks these violent fundamentalists have changed their ways is kidding themselves. Quote:

A camp director told France24 some remain dangerous: ?They?re ferocious, they burned some of the Syrians? tents, they would call them cockroaches, infidels. They consider themselves as the only true Muslims. So we had to separate them??

Never underestimate female jihadis? devotion to terror and talent for duplicity.

?Zehra Duman left Australia to join Islamic State?Yet from a refugee camp, she dares to call Australia home?Here is another letter from ideal citizen Duman pledging allegiance to the Australian way of life: ?Kill kuffar (non-Muslims) in alleyways. Stab them and poison them. Poison your teachers. Go to haram restaurants and poison the food in large quantities.?

?Female foreign fighters want you to believe they took no part in terrorism and genocide. They portray themselves and each other as devoted wives and mothers innocent of brutality. They lie. End of quote.


The jihadi brides? hearts are as black as their burqas. Local Islamic communities should be as glad to be rid of them as anyone. They went to enormous lengths to join the most brutal terror regime in modern history. If it had won, they?d be dancing on our graves. Don?t be fooled by their crocodile tears: let them rot in the shithole of their own making.