It is about controlling access to information

Credit: SonovaMin

Our PM has told us that the reason why her government wants controls on social media and the Mainstream media is because Kiwis don’t want to live in a country where it’s possible to live broadcast a massacre. The State she argues should have the power to prevent that.

There are many problems with that justification.

Kiwis don’t want to live in a country where it is possible for a terrorist massacre to occur. Their number one concern is that it was not prevented from happening in the first place.

By focussing on the video of the attack and the manifesto Jacinda Ardern is not following the rules of Triage which is the process of determining the priority of patients’ treatments based on the severity of their condition.

Videos and manifestos do not kill people. The imminent physical danger to New Zealanders is from the terrorists and their enablers. That is where the focus of the government’s efforts should be. There has been ZERO action to show Kiwis that we will be better protected in the future. What have we been told about the GCSB? Why didn’t they see the terrorist coming? What about the way in which the terrorist obtained his weapons? Who is being held accountable for the failures there?

Instead of the actual important issues being addressed Ardern is distracting the public with shiny baubles…oh look I am banning guns…oh look I will protect you from seeing disturbing things on the internet…oh look I will protect you from reading information in the Mainstream media that I think will be bad for you. quote.

The unspoken agenda is about much more than controlling terrorism on the internet. It’s about controlling access to information. The globalist elite are totalitarian by instinct and are discomfited by the fact they can no longer determine what their subjects are able to read and hear. end quote.


We live in a country where it has been possible to watch ISIS videos of people being brutally murdered on the internet for many, many years now. Nothing has changed. I have never watched those videos but they exist. There are thousands of such videos available online.

People are more likely to seek them out and watch them if their attention is brought to them. By singling out one video and one terror manifesto and using it to push hate speech laws and more Ardern has pointed a neon sign in the direction of the video and the manifesto and has made people who otherwise would never have thought about them go looking for them.

Ardern should be protecting Kiwis from terror attacks not footage of them.

It is virtue signalling non-action that will only be used to take away our free speech and to silence her critics.