It’s Australian readers’ turn to deliver their verdict on Jacinda Ardern

Caption: You could say the reaction was unfavourable.

I?ve already brought Whaleoil readers the thoughts of two Australian journalists who are less than dazzled by Jacinda Ardern?s carefully constructed halo. Thoughtfully, The Australian has published a summary of their readers? opinions.

Now, some will no doubt object that these are merely the brainwashed ravings of those ?deplorable? Murdoch stooges. Yet, as ?The Mocker? himself pointed out, even the luvvies at the BBC are starting to ask difficult questions. When you?ve lost the Beeb, you?ve lost ?progressive? opinion. Besides, The Australian is one of the biggest-selling, print and digital, newspapers in the country, so its readers? opinions must be at least taken seriously.

Their opinions suggest that, outside the self-congratulatory bubble of the media-political elite, Mother Jacinda is perhaps not so universally adored as they might hope. Reader Graham unfavourably likened her to some other one-time idols of ?progressive? elites: Quote:

?Ardern, Rudd, Macron, Trudeau ? all tip, no iceberg.?

Erasmus elucidated:

?When she was elected, there was this euphoria among the elitists and leftists about her joining Trudeau and Macron as part of the bright new generation of leaders preparing to take the world into an exciting future without grey-haired old men.

?Since then, Macron?s Napoleonic delusions have seen him become the most unpopular leader in recent French history and Trudeau is now deeply engulfed in a corruption scandal that should end his political career and will almost certainly ensure his party loses the next election.

?On the policy front, Ardern is doing no better than these two, so she is working hard to grab all the kudos she can out of Christchurch. I?m not saying her emotions aren?t real, but in the end she remains what she has always been ? a careerist politician totally focused on the politics of every situation.? End of quote.

Reader Pat assigned faint praise where it was due, before sticking the boots in. Quote:

This fawning adulation of Saint Jacinda is going to ridiculous lengths, Yes, she carried out her role as NZ leader with firmness and grace immediately after the tragedy. Many world leaders would have done exactly the same; there was nothing exceptional in this.

?Her political track-record since taking office, not by popular vote but by electoral vagaries, is less than stellar, as this article points out. Her symbolic gestures in support of the Muslim majority started out as graceful and inclusive, but have carried on way too long, to a sycophantic degree. End of quote.

Ken delivered a similar verdict, especially on the fawning media. Quote:

?I won?t quibble with folk who believe that Ardern has handled matters competently ? I?m trying to imagine, however, the reaction of the twitterati in Australia if in similar circumstances Scomo had donned a dishdash for the funeral and subsequently asked Waleed for an empathetic hug before an interview?He would have been lambasted for weeks as a phony.? End of quote.

A number of Australian readers made some unflattering comparisons. Greg likened Ardern to another ?socialist Barbie?. Quote:

?Earlier this year the crazy left was pumping up the best female leader in the world as A Ocasio-Cortez, since then she has been found out as a phony, mathematically challenged and just another do as I say not as I do crazy socialist.

?No surprise they have moved on to someone else, someone who leads a country that does very little for refugees or foreign aid.? End of quote.

Reader Dave Wane also drew the same comparison as I did, way back last September. Quote:

?As I recall Rudd was popular amongst most Australians (and himself of course) for a while.

Rudd and his motley Labor mob replaced Australia?s best government in living memory, namely the Howard/Costello government. We have never recovered from that massive mistake.

The same thing will now happen in NZ by stupidly tossing out Bill English and installing this lefty socialist dreamer. She will wreck the joint.? End of quote.


Adore in haste, repent at leisure.