Jacinda Ardern to become NZ’s gun saleswoman of the year

Photoshopped image credit: Boondecker

Gun stores are looking forward to a gun buying bonanza thanks to the government’s open-ended massive budget for buying back from law-abiding New Zealand gun owners the guns that have been banned. It has been estimated by Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters that up to $300 million dollars will be paid out to gun owners.

This means that $300 million dollars will NOT be spent on:

  • Funding St Johns Ambulance
  • Paying nurses more
  • Paying teachers more
  • Cancer drugs
  • Light rail
  • Paying doctors more.

Instead they are pouring money into the gun industry as the first thing gun owners will do when they get their nice safe government cheque will be to buy new guns.

Gun owners will spend the government money (an estimated $300 million + dollars) on replacement guns.

Even better, if they have an old gun that they don’t use, or have been wanting to replace for a long time, they now have a ready and willing buyer flushed with government cash to take it off their hands. It doesn’t even have to be illegal. Let’s face it, the average bureaucrat doesn’t know the difference between a rifle and a shotgun let alone a semiautomatic assault rifle, which fires one bullet each time you pull the trigger and a fully automatic machine gun. They tend to judge a weapon on whether or not it looks dangerous.

Jacinda Ardern and ex president Barack Obama have so much in common. Both unwittingly poured money into their countries gun industry because of their policies.