Jacinda missed playschool

Here’s a house. Here?s a door. Windows ? one, two, three, four ?

Okay, okay, sometimes it is really hard to tell things apart. There can be such subtle differences that an expert on the subject is required to differentiate between exemplars. So we should not be too hard on Ms Ardern. She has a country to run, virtue to signal, a baby to change and feed and a hanger-on to keep in line. It is a tough job, so she can be excused for mistaking two items.

Here’s a house:

Here’s a contract:

As you can readily see, easily confused by all but the most careful observer. Quote.

Hon Simon Bridges: How can she, hand on heart, criticise the last National-led Government when, under her Government, KiwiBuild has done a sum total of 33 new houses?

Rt Hon JACINDA ARDERN: Well, I dispute those numbers, but unlike that last Government, that sold State houses, that did not do enough to expand the availability of affordable housing, and that did not do enough on the issue of homelessness, we are a Government who came in and put a stop to the sale of State houses and actually started building homes.

Hon Simon Bridges: If she disputes my number of the paltry 33 houses, can she tell us, as Prime Minister of New Zealand, just how many they have actually built?

Rt Hon JACINDA ARDERN: Of course I dispute the member’s numbers, because they are very rarely correct. We have contracted over 10,000. End quote.


Jacinda, here’s the door …