Leighton Smith calls out the war on Christianity

The dominant narrative of the media-political elite in the West is one of Islamophobia. No matter the escalating violence and horror that Islamic extremists perpetrate in the West, the great and good remain utterly convinced that it is Muslims who are shivering in abject terror of slavering Westerners. In the near-two-decades since 9/11 the narrative goes, the bigoted hordes of non-Muslims have been straining at the bit to unleash a backlash?.

Meanwhile, it’s the other two Abrahamic faiths who are genuinely facing violent persecution. The elite occasionally deign to acknowledge the horrifying resurgence of anti-Semitism around the world provided they can conveniently pin it on their opponents on the right but the other great wave of contemporary religious persecution is not only ignored but actively denied. Quote:

Now there seems to be stories everywhere regarding the assault on Christianity. Except it’s not the beginning, it’s been under way a long time, just mainly outside what we call “the West”. The sad news is that New Zealand has been lassoed and cannot escape its capture. End of quote.

Across the Middle-East and North Africa, Christian communities, among them the most ancient in the world, are being persecuted if not all but wiped out. Not even the Pope can bring himself to break the iron code of PC orthodoxy and admit it, though. Quote:

John L Allen Jr is the author of The Global War on Christians. Referencing Angela Merkel’s response to the Sri Lanka bombings, “It is shocking that the people who gather to celebrate Easter together were consciously targeted in this malicious attack”. Except, he writes, “the shocking thing about the carnage is that it is NOT shocking and instead forms part of an ugly, predictable global pattern”.

[…] both Obama and Clinton used the same language [as Merkel] in tweets regarding the murder of 360 (and climbing), “Easter worshippers” in Sri Lanka. Not a mention of Christians or churches. This in contrast to their reaction to Christchurch where both used Muslims and mosques in their commentary. Thus assisting the case presented by David Horowitz in a new book Dark Agenda, the war to destroy Christian America. End of quote.

Like him or not, what is not often acknowledged is that Obama is damnably skilful in his strategic use of words. When he shoved his oar in on the Trayvon Martin shooting, Obama did perhaps more than anyone to unleash a wave of racial violence across the U.S. Hillary Clinton has entire teams of media strategists polishing her every tweet. If either refuse to mention Christians or churches, be assured that it’s no slip. Quote:

The commentator and author Mehdi Hasan, responding to condemnation of Christchurch wrote, “I am a Muslim and I consider myself to be on the left, but I’m embarrassed to admit that in both Muslim and left circles the issue of Christian persecution has been downplayed and even ignored for far too long”. But there’s more. End of quote.

I have written before of the vast gulf between small-m multiculturalism and its capital-M variety. The former simply acknowledges cultural difference, and that exchange can enrich cultures. Its odious cousin, though, is an insidious doctrine that denigrates Western culture and denies its natives any claim on its heritage, let alone lands. Quote:

Dr Kevin Donnelly, author of How Political Correctness is Destroying Australia, says “the subservience to multiculturalism and uncritically celebrating diversity and difference is best exemplified in the national curriculum. Christianity, if present, is considered to be on the same footing as indigenous spirituality. Harmony Day and Sorry Day are on the same level as Christmas and Easter”.

Salim Mansur, a name not recognised in New Zealand, but should be, is a Canadian citizen, a professor of political science at the University of Western Ontario. From his book Delectable Lie, a liberal repudiation of multiculturalism, “although multiculturalism once seemed a very good idea it is increasingly shown to be a lie a delectable lie nevertheless that is destructive of the West’s liberal democratic heritage, tradition, and values based on individual rights and freedoms.” By the way, Mansur is a Muslim, albeit a dissident one. End of quote.

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It’s telling that a Muslim will state clearly what the leaders of what used to be called Christendom refuse to.