Let’s all play the race card

Satire – obviously!

As a New Zealander, not represented by any of the racial backgrounds in the Z photo, I am appalled that a modern, progressive, socially aware, New Zealand based company could promote a picture so racially divisive as this.

Unless there is an official announcement from Z to acknowledge their racism and apologise for the offence it caused, as well as to promise to undergo more rigorous diversity training to make sure nothing like this happens again, many ordinary Kiwis will have to boycott their outlets.

Z claims to be for all of New Zealand, but that is blatantly untrue given the image that they have chosen to use on their Facebook banner.

Sure there are women and men in the picture, younger and older people but where are the white people?

Like Maria Mo, I couldn’t believe such blatantly ignorant images are still happening in 2019. Honestly, it took me a second to work out what the heck I was looking at.

I was watching it thinking there must be some kind of layered twist ? only to realise, no, there was no twist, it was really that base level.

Like Mo I am extremely fed up and tired of seeing this particular erasure of white people in mainstream media. I cannot believe that such a concept was approved for such a big, well-known company.