Lizzie Marvelly supports player’s stance

Martyn Bradbury can sometimes be a source of amusement with his posts, but he has nailed it this time when pointing out the hypocrisy of the ‘woke’.

Lizzie said, “The man is living according to his faith and conscience. It’s no one else’s place to judge.” Naturally, she was not supporting a Christian, she was supporting a Muslim. Bradbury calls them all out. Well done! Quote.

[…] Folau?s Instagram post comes at a time when NZ and the Western world are struggling with the definition of hate speech and the decision by Australian Rugby (after immense pressure from the very rainbow friendly Qantas) to dump Folau seems like a tiny, tiny victory.

One persons religious perspective is hate speech?

?while another?s is celebrated diversity?

?isn?t it a tad shallow & vacuous to be celebrating a rugby players sacking after his slightly homophobic list of the damned when Brunei announced death by stoning for homosexuality earlier tis year?

Where is the cry to refuse all trade with Brunei?

Folau?s Instagram post?is stupid speech (as opposed to hate speech) while Brunei represents death by stoning. It also seems a little hollow for Qantas to attack Folau, because they are partnered to?Qatar Airways and Emirates. Qatar imprisons ?homosexual acts, and the UAE punishes homosexuality with the death penalty.

It?s easy to scream at a Pacific Island Rugby player over conservative religious opinions on social media but far harder to stand up to actual state sponsored repression against gay communities. […]

Liberal progressive democracies are supposed to be able to withstand and tolerate opinions that are offensive, buckling and proclaiming hate speech to everything we disagree with is likely to end in a cluster [whatsit] of counter productive outcomes.

The totalitarian joy so many of the woke seem to be exhibiting in their online celebration at the sacking of a Pacific Island religious conservative rugby player seems like low hanging fruit at its most ironic and metaphorical.

If we?ve finished making Israel a martyr for homophobes, could we get on with the whole Brunei, Qatar and UAE divestments? end of quote


Unfortunately Martyn, it seems that your ‘liberal progressive democracies’ are the least likely to be able to withstand and tolerate opinions that are offensive.