Marama goes where Golriz fears to tread

When asked how a hate speech law change in New Zealand would affect freedom of religion, Green list MP Golriz Ghahraman, like many campaigners against hate speech, did not want to discuss it. When asked directly if she would condemn Islamic Brunei?s strict religious laws that prescribe death by stoning for homosexuals and adulterers Ghahraman refused to answer the question.

The co-leader of the Greens Marama Davidson however, yesterday rushed in boots and all, quite happy to publicly condemn a personally held religious belief as hate speech.

There is a very good reason why Golriz Ghahraman has avoided discussing this particular problem with the proposed hate speech laws. That is because anyone with half a brain can see that they are religious blasphemy laws brought in through the back door. Marama, in her hurry to score points against Israel Folau, has exposed this issue for all to see.

Christian bashing has always been a favourite pastime of the Left and if they are fundamentalists who follow the old testament rather than the new testament then they are an even bigger target.

However, if fundamentalist Christians are committing hate speech by expressing their religious views about gays and transgenders then so are Muslims whose holy books and religious law calls for gays and transgenders to be killed.

If the old testament part of the Bible is full of hate speech and needs to be banned then so is the Koran and all the Hadiths which are full of calls to action that are hateful and violent.

The Green party can’t have it both ways and, by unleashing on Israel Folau, Marama Davidson has opened up a massive can of worms that exposes very clearly why we cannot allow hate speech laws to go through.

Hate speech laws will take away all religious freedom and will logically force both the Bible and the Koran to be banned.

Marama seems too thick to realise that by bashing fundamentalist Christians she is bashing fundamentalist Muslims. If she takes away freedom of religion for Christians she is also taking away freedom of religion for Muslims and indeed every other religion.