Mate…that better be your mobile phone poking me

It’s only gay if you make eye-contact.

Although the whole ?men are from Mars, women are from Venus? thing is often overdone, the fact remains that, by and large, men and women do tend to differ in often quite significant ways. Of course this is not true of everyone, but, in general, men tend to have more of an interest in ?things? while women are more interested in people. This also seems to be true of our primate cousins.

Men and women also approach personal problems very differently. Women like to talk about things: in fact, women will tell you that just talking about something is as important, if not more so, than actually doing anything about it. Men prefer to fix things where possible, without what they see as ?all the jibber-jabber?. In psychological jargon, ?men typically give instrumental support, that is, they try to provide specific advice as to how to fix a problem. Women, on the other hand, give more emotional support, that is, empathy and sympathy, and very often that is the kind of support they want for themselves?.

So trying to make men more ?feminine? is often actually detrimental to men. Not to say, kinda?gay. Quote:

A Pennsylvania university is promoting the concept of men cuddling as a way to help them deal with stress and “redefine masculinity.” End of quote.

Just to be clear, I ran this idea past some openly homosexual friends and family members. They immediately burst into derisive laughter. Quote:

A Philadelphia area ?Men?s Therapeutic Cuddle Group??have established quite an expansive set of guidelines for attendees. The men attending must be ?hygienically sound? and ?remain fully clothed at all times.? The group?s organizers state that all cuddling is ?non-sexual.? However, they do note that participants may become aroused during cuddling and that if that occurs, it should be treated as a normal thing. End of quote.

Honestly, I can?t write anything funnier than that sentence already is.

Look, maybe a nice, touchy bro-cuddling sesh is up some guys? alleys, but I seriously doubt that most men ? including, as I?ve found, actual gay men ? are going to find such an idea is nothing but embarrassing and more than a little bit creepy. Men just do things differently, even if women don?t always get it.

There’s more truth in this than you might realise.

Speaking of creepy, there definitely seems to be a dodgy agenda here. Quote:

Dr. Liang was also recently on a board of the American Psychological Association (APA). He helped create the organization?s first set of guidelines for psychologists whose practices involve working with men and boys. In the news release accompanying the APA?s guidelines, the APA noted several trends among males in America, including the fact that men ?commit 90 percent of homicides in the United States and represent 77 percent of homicide victims.?

?Traditional masculinity is psychologically harmful,” the APA’s news release said. End of quote.


I ‘m hardly the most stereotypically ?traditional? type myself: I do most of the cooking at home (mostly because I work from home, but, hey, I’m the better cook anyway, as my wife agrees); I spent much of our kids’ early years at home; I’m barely interested in sports ? but this stuff is just creepy.

This doesn?t seem to be about helping men at all ? it?s about feminising them. A trend which has, causally or not, been correlated with skyrocketing mental health issues and suicides among men. Let men be men ? and deal with things in male ways. Emasculating men is doing immeasurable harm.