Canterbury Regional Council Bill undermines democracy in our country

Press release
New Zealand First party

New Zealand First has opposed the Canterbury Regional Council (Ng?i Tahu Representation) Bill in parliament yesterday.

The Bill seeks to have two members appointed to Environment Canterbury by ministers, based on the recommendation of Te R?nanga o Ng?i Tahu (TRoNT).

?New Zealand First welcomes the restoration of regional democracy to Canterbury, and recognise that Ng?i Tahu members make valuable contributions to the council?s governance and operations.

“There is nothing stopping members from standing for election just like everyone else,? says New Zealand First M?ori Affairs spokesperson Hon Shane Jones.

?They need to receive a mandate from the region they wish to represent and should not get special treatment.

?New Zealand First believes that this is unnecessary overreach which undermines democracy in our country,? says Mr Jones.