Open letter to the National party

By George

All my adult life I have donated to, supported and voted for the National Party. I didn’t join the party because I wanted to be independent of political manipulation and free to observe the political landscape autonomously.

Up to eighteen months ago I have felt my loyalty has been acknowledged by sound legislation through the party’s direction and leadership. There was a sense of security and confidence that the country was in safe hands. I didn’t agree with everything the party put forward but, generally, you promoted a progressive agenda that gave me reassurance. It was unfortunate, that through bizarre and exceptional circumstances, you were denied a fourth term in office. If ever a rabble of assorted politicians were ripe for the pickings, it is the current coalition government.

If you are unable to destroy what is the most inexperienced and dysfunctional administration in this country’s history, then I genuinely fear for the future of the National Party. Currently, in my humble opinion, you are not currently fit to govern. I will admit, you have a Speaker of the house who is hell-bent on protecting his patch and his PM. You also have a coalition-compliant media to deal with but, whilst these are hindrances, it is no excuse for your performance. For everyone’s sake, get your act together.

A classic example of your weakness as an opposition was the recent firearms legislation rushed through parliament this month. It was an Ardern driven ?captain?s call? and you fell into line in the belief that to oppose it would be seen as being emotionally detached from the Christchurch shootings. What fools. You should have demanded the full, thorough and transparent investigation which is required to merit a change in legislation. To do so would have exposed the opportunistic grandstanding of the PM. Any legislation rushed through, having been assigned by emotion, is dumb legislation. And you should have exploited that.

The one shining light amongst your MPs is Judith Collins. She has single-handedly destroyed Phil Twyford?s political career. And that begs the question, why is Ardern so popular? She is even thicker than Twyford. I believe your party has been infiltrated by cowards.

The Opposition should be mongrels. How dare Ghahraman all but blame the Opposition for the Christchurch massacre simply because you opposed the UN Immigration Pact. She should have been exposed for the plonker she is ? but not a word. I could go on for many more pages; identifying lost opportunities to denigrate the CoL. Bridges has to go, and here’s why. Four months ago I posted my thoughts regarding Donald Trump, So I will repeat them here.

Donald Trump was not elected because he had happy family photos on Facebook, nor because he was a great orator, nor because he had an impeccable moral compass, nor for his honesty. He treated Clinton as a discredited parasite without fear of the sexist outrage spewing forth from the left.

He was elected because he loved his country and was not intimidated by political correctness. He was the voice that represented those who had been bullied into silence by the socialist cancer that labelled any one with an opposing view as offensively oppressive and guilty of ?hate speech?.

He wasn’t going to be intimidated by internal and external manipulation. He put his country, his people first. To be hated so venomously by the left should be every centre-right political parties? objective. Fear is the only true enemy. And how the left fear him. So now it is your turn National.

I hope you’re listening, because if you’re not, not only is the country doomed, but so is The National Party. Trump now stands at 53% in the popularity polls. Why isn’t National? Could it be that Trump isn’t a politician but one of us ? a voice for the silent majority?