Posh journalists and academics just love to weep for gangsters

Caption: He’s a good boy and din’t do nuffin.

Famous criminal Mark ?Chopper? Read once remarked that ?posh people love gangsters?. He was responding to his co-author John Sylvester, who wondered at the fascination that a notorious criminal like Read exerted on the elites of society. Nattering nabobs in mansions and ivory towers love a bit of ersatz rough trade and the frisson of flirting with thugs and criminals.

The sort of people who would have an attack of the vapors if someone so much as scratched their brand new Tesla just love to wring their hands and weep for brutal drug dealers and bashers ? especially if it gives them an excuse to pan a political enemy. Quote:

My pick for Australia’s worst politician is Peter Dutton.

And Dutton’s influence doesn’t just impact Australia it ripples across the ditch as well. End of quote.

The left, both in Australia and New Zealand hate Peter Dutton, mostly because of his stellar record in stopping the illegal people-smuggling operations that saw Australia?s borders flooded with tens of thousands of country-shopping fakefugees. Dutton took on a job that the chattering classes insisted couldn?t be done ? which the left didn?t even want to be done ? and succeeded. The nattering elite have never forgiven him.

New Zealand?s bleeding hearts are safely able to blither about open borders because they know they?ll never be held to account: Australia acts as a buffer between remote New Zealand and the world?s people smuggling routes. Those few boats which try to bypass Australia for New Zealand are intercepted by the Australian Navy.

When Dutton is shipping home New Zealand?s least wanted, the Kiwi left especially don?t like it. Not at all. Quote:

In principle, flicking out those who commit serious crimes has little resistance issue from me ? goodness knows we’ll be quick to get rid of the Christchurch terrorist if he is ever released from prison here.

But Dutton went much further than this by deporting people not for crimes they had committed but on “character” grounds.

Leaving aside how one actually judges character (and who gets to decide), many of those targeted by Dutton had lived in Australia for years, sometimes most of their lives. End of quote.

Whilst I agree that the character test is amorphous and prone to abuse, the hypocrisy of the left in both countries is galling. The Australian left have (ab)used the character test routinely to deny entry to people who say things they don?t like, such as Milo, Lauren Southern, Tommy Robinson, and Gavin McInnes. The New Zealand left also lobbied to deny visas to conservative speakers, banned them from venues and threatened venues which dared host them.

Meanwhile, New Zealand has denied visas to high-value migrants because, for instance, a family had a Downs syndrome child. New Zealand has also denied visas to thousands of Indian students.

But the left will clutch their pearls over convicted criminals. Quote:

I got to understand this when writing a book with Shane “Kiwi” Martin. Shane is perhaps the most famous 501. But there are many others. In fact, there have been 1500 New Zealanders deported since 2015. End of quote.

A Newspaper

A Newspaper conveniently neglects to mention that Martin, in fact, has ?an extensive criminal history in Australia?[including] unlawful assault, burglary, armed with an intent, criminal damage and resisting police?. Are those crimes serious enough for A Newspaper?

Martin is a former president of an outlaw motorcycle gang allegedly ?involved in serious violence as well as drug manufacture and trafficking?, even murder. The same motorcycle gang that New Zealand has tried to ban from its shores. Quote:

?The threat of Australia’s largest outlawed motorcycle gang setting up camp in New Zealand has prompted police to request Wanganui District Council to include the gang in its gang-patch ban bylaw.? End of quote.


If someone with ?an extensive criminal history in Australia? isn?t of poor character, who is? If New Zealand can try to ban an Australian outlaw motorcycle gang, why can?t Australia send its Kiwi outlaws back?

Posh journalists and academics can whinge and moan all they like about the gangsters they love so much, but as Dutton himself says, ?If you’re not an Australian citizen and you’ve committed an offence which puts you outside the conditions of your visa or puts you in breach of the Migration Act, you stand to have your visa cancelled. I don’t make any apology for that?.