Pro-life cartoon banned and labelled ‘hate speech’ by Instagram


If you do NOT want to view the Pro-life cartoon that has been banned by Instagram and wrongly labelled as hate speech please do not click on the READ MORE.

It is a satirical cartoon that makes a logical and powerful point by comparing people in the past questioning the morality of slavery with people today questioning the morality of abortion. Only a complete fool could misconstrue the message that the cartoon is making as hate speech.

The message of the satirical cartoon is clearly Pro-life as it is pointing out that people used to claim that Black people were not human in order to justify their enslavement of them. The message of the cartoon is that future generations may one day look back in horror at those who claimed that unborn babies were not human in order to justify their support of abortion.

Cartoon credit: Adam Ford
Cartoon credit: Adam Ford
Cartoon credit: Adam Ford
Cartoon credit: Adam Ford
Cartoon credit: Adam Ford

Adam Ford is a popular Christian comic artist who founded the satire site The Babylon Bee. On Wednesday, he noticed that Instagram had pulled his Pro-life cartoon for “hate speech.” quote.

“This is the third time a Facebook property has tried to silence me without any justification,” […] “The first was for a comic defending traditional marriage, and the second was when I was running The Babylon Bee and they tried to label it as ‘fake news.’ It just keeps happening. And it only seems to happen to conservatives.”

Instagram told Ford that his post “has been deleted” because “it doesn’t follow our Community Guidelines on hate speech or symbols.”

“Even if you didn’t mean to offend, remember that we created these guidelines to support and protect our community on Instagram. When hate speech is being shared to challenge it or to raise awareness, we may allow it,” the company added. “We remove posts with captions that encourage violence or attack anyone based on who they are. We remove specific threats of physical harm, theft, and vandalism.”

Ford’s comic did none of those things. He […] argued that pro-abortion activists are dehumanizing babies in the womb in the same way that defenders of slavery dehumanized black Americans before the Civil War.

[…] This comic is nothing like “hate speech.” It does not encourage violence or attack anyone. It does not involve threats of physical harm, theft, or vandalism. It merely illustrates the dehumanization of unborn babies in the womb, comparing it to the vile dehumanization of black Americans under slavery.

Ford told PJ Media, “I don’t think the timing of this [ban] is coincidental. After the massive pushback we’ve seen against the radical Democrat abortion campaigns in places like New York and Virginia, and the attempted censoring of the Unplanned movie recently (Twitter account suspended, advertisements blacklisted), it seems there’s a method here.”

Indeed, Unplanned was suspended on Twitter hours after it opened, and it mysteriously lost 99,000 Twitter followers shortly thereafter. […]

[…] “With abortion being such an active conversation right now, you’d think the social media companies would be on high-alert to NOT be censoring legitimate viewpoints,” Ford insisted. Instead, it seems like social media companies are itching for a fight.

You can view more of Ford’s comics here.