Putting those uppity folk in their place

What is it with middle-class white girls hating desegregated campuses?

Universities like to brag about ?academic freedom?, and claim that they foster critical thinking, so it seems odd that universities are so often the breeding-grounds of the worst authoritarianism and racism. The shocking, enthusiastic participation of German and Austrian universities in the promulgation of Nazism is well known. Not just universities in Germany: ?most of the presidents of such respected institutions as Harvard, Yale and Columbia made a conscious decision to boycott anti-Nazi demonstrations, welcome pro-Nazi dignitaries to their respective campuses and carry on with student exchanges,? writes historian Stephen Norwood.

Not surprising, possibly, considering the blatantly anti-Jewish stance of even Ivy League universities in the early 20th century. But, as Thomas Sowell notes, many regressive revolutionary movements around the world germinated in the academy. The Islamic revolution in Iran, for instance, was heavily boosted by student participation. The Cultural Revolution was spearheaded by student Red Guards.

The new cultural revolution in the West is also being spearheaded by universities, in all its racist ugliness and authoritarian intolerance.


Tensions have flared at the University of Melbourne after a workshop suggested ?white males? and those who look like ?Liberal voters? be forbidden from speaking during classes in a bid to dismantle privilege. End of quote.

Try to imagine ?coloureds? and ?communist-looking? students being barred from universities. It would be instantly recognised for what it is: racism and nascent fascism. Quote:

Participating students at the ?How privilege manifests in tutorials? workshop held last week were told that ?white, male students? and ?students resembling Liberal voters? should be discouraged from speaking to provide more space for women and non-binary people to contribute to discussions during tutorials.

The workshop was part of the university?s ?Radical Education Week?, which is organised by the University of Melbourne Student Union?s Environment ?Collective. End of quote.

Radical enviro-fascists with a racial axe to grind? Now, where else have we heard such claims, recently?

What?s worse is that all students are being forced to fund this racist taradiddle. Quote:

The student union funded the series of workshops through the Student Services and Amenities Fee, a mandatory annual fee paid by full-time students to fund student support services as well as societies and the university magazine.

Chris Kounelis, president of the Melbourne University Liberal Club, said the workshop was a ridiculous use of the SSAF, which this year cost full-time students $303, and contributed more than $6 million to the union?s coffers last year.

?Yet another initiative from our student union which provides little benefit for the mainstream students who pay for it,? Mr Kounelis said.

?Students should not be ?expected to fund this left-wing lunacy out of their own pockets.? End of quote.

This is why the Howard government abolished compulsory student union fees ? and why the left were so desperate to see them reinstated. Quote:

Student Thomas Carlyle-James, 21, did not attend the workshop but said he was not surprised that white males would be discouraged from speaking.

?The tutors and lecturers have a very heavy left-wing bias and generally sort of belittle any other opinion,? he said?The politics student, a member of the Liberal Club, said university life was increasingly hostile to students who held conservative views, an atmosphere stoked by the regular presence of GetUp and groups such as Socialist Alternative. End of quote.

But there?s no authoritarianism without blatant lies. Quote:

UMSU president Molly Willmott said??This is not about stopping people from speaking,? she said.

?We?re a university that encourages free speech. End of quote.


The decidedly pasty Molly Wilmot exercises her White Saviour complex.

They really think we?re that stupid.