Retaliation for Christchurch? Ardern says no

On Tuesday, a video released by ISIS showed 8 men purported to be the Sri Lankan attackers pledging allegiance to the terror group. All of the men have their hands placed together and are masked, except one. That man, identified as Zahran Hashim, is leading them.
Photo credit: CNN from Amaq News Agency

Wouldn?t it be great if governments let their citizens know when they got advance warning of planned terrorist attacks? Maybe they don?t, because in this crazy political climate it would be classified as hate speech? I wonder if our PM would warn us if she got wind of a planned terror attack? Quote.

On Monday, Harsha de Silva, cabinet minister, told CNN that US and Indian intelligence warned Sri Lankan officials before the attacks. Speaking at a news conference in Colombo, a government spokesman apologized for the failure to act on that intelligence.

The former senior police official also said the security services had been aware of the group linked to the attacks, National Tawheed Jamath (NTJ), for at least two years.? End of quote.


There is a debate on whether the Americans shared the intel but in any event, the Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe claims he wasn?t told. Quote.

?We, if it was known, certainly could have prevented many of the attacks in the churches and have more security in the hotels,? Wickremesinghe said. ?I am in touch with the relevant officials,? he said, adding that the Sri Lanka’s president has also launched an inquiry ?as to why the information did not reach my office.? End of quote.

Now that the death toll has climbed to 359 and another attack has been foiled, the Sri Lankan government is, at last, telling people to avoid unoccupied parked vans because they may contain bombs.

ISIS claimed responsibility saying the attacks were retaliation for Christchurch. Quote.

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka ? Sri Lanka?s minister of defense said Tuesday that the coordinated Easter Sunday attacks that killed at least 321 people were in retaliation for the recent Christchurch mosque massacre in New Zealand.? End of quote.

Sceptics say that ISIS is simply taking credit for Sri Lanka but a more plausible explanation is that the size of Sri Lanka’s Islamic terrorist group NTJ which has 150-200 members precludes carrying out six attacks across three churches and three hotels without outside help.

Our prime minister is totally out of step with the rest of the world on Islamic terrorism. She refuses to believe Sri Lanka was retaliation for Christchurch saying ?I have not seen any evidence suggesting the deadly Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka are linked with the March 15 Christchurch terrorist attack.?

This makes her look silly because unless you’ve been living under a rock, lost in the New Zealand bush, asleep or simply relying on New Zealand media you would know that Islamic terror groups are at war with the rest of the world.

Sri Lanka could have been masterminded by any militant Islamic group like ISIS or its prolific offshoots, and as sure as day follows night, the Christchurch terrorist was never going to get away with the bloody murder of dozens of Muslims. Retaliation was simply a question of when and where.?

So that?s Easter, what about Anzac celebrations being a terror target?

Islamic Turkey had no problem suspecting terrorist attacks and banned its own citizens from attending Anzac commemorations.


Turkish authorities say they have arrested a suspected Islamic State member they believe was planning to attack tomorrow’s Anzac commemorations at Gallipoli attended by hundreds of Australians and New Zealanders.

The suspect, a 26-year-old Syrian national, was detained in Tekirdag, a north-western province close to the Gallipoli peninsula, a local police spokesman told Reuters.

Turkish security sources have told the ABC that the planned attack on Gallipoli was in retaliation for the Christchurch mosque attacks. End of quote.


Because brand Ardern has no idea about what to do about actual physical terrorism she immediately cranks up the PR machine and works on shutting down any discussion that might scare the horses. ?Happily, this is low hanging fruit and in May a ?Christchurch Call? meeting will be held in Paris with Justin Trudeau and tech companies to thrash out a strategy ?to eliminate terrorist and violent extremist content online.?

If Liberal leaders were actually serious about addressing terrorism, they would have invited representatives of the Islamic terrorist groups. What we will get from this meeting is the bedding down of hate speech laws in social media and plenty of photos of politicians smiling for the camera. It is doubtful baby Neve will be wheeled out due to the terrorist threat.

Bruce Bawer recounts the number of deaths by terrorism around the world in March 2019 and asks the question ?which one is the odd one out?? Quote.

Last month, according to at least one count, there were 154 terrorist attacks around the world. Here?s a rundown of some of the major ones.

The Taliban took 23 lives in Helmond Province, Afghanistan; at least 15 in Qaysar District, Afghanistan; ten in Kunduz Province, Afghanistan; 20 in Bala Murghab, Afghanistan; 22 in a second attack in Qaysar; and 65 in Sangin District, Afghanistan.

ISIS murdered eight people in Idlib, Syria; five in the Anbar desert in Iraq; 16 in Jalalabad; seven in Makhmur, Iraq; 17 in two separate attacks in Kabul; and five in the Syrian desert.

In Mali, Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb killed 32 people in two separate attacks.

In Syria, Ansar al-Tawhid killed 27. In Mozambique, Ansar al-Sunna killed 13 people in a terrorist attack. In three terrorist attacks in Mali, Al-Shabaab took a total of 38 lives.

A Turkish jihadist, G?kmen Tanis, shot four people to death on a Utrecht tram.

And a man named Brenton Tarrant killed 50 people in two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.? End of quote.

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At the very best, Ardern is artfully creating diversions and buying herself a little more public profile until the next crisis.