Should the government censor our news?

MP Louisa Wall thinks it?s about time that the government censored our news and PM Jacinda Ardern is already onto it. Quote.

Kia Ora. The Media and those that transmit their political content and other political content generated for these public mediums, are defined as The Fourth Estate or fourth power that refers to the press and news media both in explicit capacity of advocacy and implicit ability to frame political issues. It is time that it was formally recognized as part of a political system, as it wields significant indirect social influence.

This would impose a Duty of Care on The Media – a formalisation of the social contract, the implicit responsibilities requiring adherence to a standard of reasonable care while performing any acts that could foreseeably harm others.

The Media have a responsibility to do no harm. Kia Kaha PM Jacinda Ardern for the meeting on May 15 ? two months after the Christchurch terror attacks which claimed the lives of 50 people ? which aims to see world leaders and tech company bosses agree to the “Christchurch call” ? a pledge to eliminate terrorist and violent extremist content online.? End of quote.

Louisa Wall on Facebook

Wall and Ardern want to censor the media because they think extremist behaviour is contagious and also that reporting on Islamic terrorism harms New Zealand Muslims because it slurs them by association ie it causes them harm.

Islamic extremism is contagious but it’s not credible to hold social media responsible for someone?s personal conversion to a life of violence. ?On the second count of guilt by association, it is equally silly to assume that New Zealand Muslims are guilty by association with Islamic terrorists just because they share the same root faith.

The more discussions we have about the various Muslim sects the better off we will all be.

Below is a very recent story from Sri Lanka. It is a gruesome account of Islamic extremism which could be banned under new “hate speech” laws. Quote.

A pregnant jihadi bride killed herself, her unborn child and her three sons in a twisted suicide blast which also claimed the lives of Sri Lankan police officers.

Brainwashed Fatima Ibrahim detonated an explosive device at her home in a posh area of Colombo when SWAT cops arrived shortly after her extremist husband Ilham, 36, had killed dozens at the Shangri-La Hotel.

Not only was burka-clad Fatima one of nine suicide bombers to take part in the Easter Sunday massacre – which claimed the lives of at least 359 people – police say she was a key player in the bomb plot.

Horrified locals revealed Fatima was expecting a baby  – but could not believe she was willing to wipe out her family along with three police officers for her vile beliefs.? End of quote.

The Sun UK

This story is tragic but it is also a window into the minds of jihadi parents who kill their innocent children.

Fatima?s family, neighbours and worshippers at the local mosque knew nothing of her and her husband’s terrorist plans. Quote.

Muslim neighbour and mum-of-two Sajeethe Fakir-Mohamed, 28, said: ?Our house shook when the bombs went off and the police grabbed my husband and arrested him when he went to see what was going on – just because he?s a Muslim.

?That is what happens when these people do the terrible things they do – innocent lives are tarnished.? End of quote.

Innocent people are affected by terrorism and it?s far, far better to talk about how this tragedy happened rather than to pretend that it never happened.

Of course, suspicion and fear of Muslims exist because of Islamic terrorism but they can be addressed through honest discussion. It is far preferable to talk about these issues openly than it is to shut the discussion down which could happen under new “hate speech” laws.

Reading this awful account from Sri Lanka would not encourage any parent to become a terrorist. Why would any New Zealand Muslim choose such a short life for their children when they have the opportunity to give them everything that New Zealand offers?