Socialist Barbie tweets stupidity. No surprises

As difficult to believe as it may seem, she really is kinda dumb.

You have to hand it to climate change: it?s a versatile beast. So far, the sky dragon has been blamed for everything from shortages of prostitutes, to more prostitutes, killer jellyfish and suicidal walruses.

Now it?s responsible for America?s border crisis. Hey, that well-known genius, ?Socialist Barbie? Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez says so.

Others are less than convinced. Quote:

While discussing the border crisis on ?Your World? on Wednesday, Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, ripped fellow freshman lawmaker Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., for saying climate change is responsible for troubling conditions at the nation’s southern border. End of quote.

That?s odd. I distinctly remember being shouted at and told that, ?these people are fleeing war and terrorism!?, both in relation to the US? southern border and our own problems with illegal immigrants.

I do wish the left would make up their minds. Quote:

?It’s news to me, I didn’t know the Green New Deal would also solve the border crisis,? Crenshaw told guest host Charles Payne.

?It’s pretty clear that [Democrats are] not taking this seriously at all. I mean listen the numbers speak for themselves. This is not due to climate change.? End of quote.

Socialist Barbie is having none of that, though. Quote:

?The far-right loves to drum up fear & resistance to immigrants,? Ocasio-Cortez tweeted on Tuesday. ?But have you ever noticed they never talk about what?s causing people to flee their homes in the first place?

?Perhaps that?s bc they?d be forced to confront 1 major factor fueling global migration: Climate change.? End of quote.

This tweet is Stupidity Happy Hour from the nitwit barmaid. Firstly, what people like Crenshaw are talking is not immigration ? it?s illegal immigration. There is a vast difference.

Secondly, she?s contradicting herself: just a few months ago, she was blithering about illegal immigrants ?fleeing violence in Central America?.

Perhaps when you spend all day babbling the first inane nonsense that bubbles to the top of your pea-brain, it all just gets too much to keep track of. Quote:

Crenshaw said Dems are using climate change as the answer to everything.

?Every immigrant who comes across has a different reason for wanting to come across but it certainly isn’t climate change and that’s just a ridiculous statement,? Crenshaw said.

?You know they’ve come to this point where they want to blame climate change for quite literally everything now, and sorry, but the Green New Deal is not going to solve that.? End of quote.