Thank you for supporting freedom

Credit: SonovaMin

Thanks to those who supported our campaign. ANZAC Day has come and gone in New Zealand without incident. We were pleased with the way you all got in behind the right to assemble in public without fear. The media was great as well, with Heather getting coverage on TVNZ, Radio NZ (twice), Newstalk ZB and mentions in NZ Herald articles. There was also plenty of social media coverage which was overwhelmingly positive.

Communities in Auckland where commemorations were cancelled, notably Devonport and Mt Albert, turned out and ran their own services. This should serve as an important signal to the RSA branches and councils that they do not have the final say on how people choose to gather and remember.

We know that signing a petition isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but just on 3000 people did exactly that in a very short period of time! The petition ended yesterday and we will leave the Facebook page up for a few more days to let people see this final post.

We consider this small contribution to freedom a victory. But the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. We must never become complacent about freedoms or allow our elected officials to erode them without our approval. From time to time, politicians, officials, police, intelligence and security agencies need to be reminded that they work for us and we, the people, ultimately determine whether their work is up to standard or not.

Congratulations to each and every one of you (yes even the couple of trolls who commented) for stating publicly what you believe in. That’s the only way democracy can survive.

All the best – SEJ and HHR