The ABC neglect to mention that they gave the ‘Nazi’ his soapbox

Caption: The ABC want you to forget this ever happened. Digital Image: Lushington Brady

If there is one defining characteristic of the modern left ? besides their naked authoritarianism ? it surely has to be their staggering hypocrisy. Despite their disdain for religion and their proclivity for imagining racism, sexism and any manner of ‘phobias’ in their opponents, the left champion the most homophobic, sexist religion on the face of the planet, and daily shout abusive rhetoric at whites (in general) and Jews, notwithstanding their own often blindingly pale hue.

Australia?s taxpayer-funded broadcaster leans overwhelmingly to the left. Everyone knows it, and nobody seriously believes their Player Queen-like, too-loud protestations. Like the rest of the modern left, the ABC are staggeringly hypocritical. Quote:

An ABC radio and online report?rightly made a big deal about how the alleged Christchurch terrorist had responded directly to Australian extremist Blair Cottrell on social media after he made an appearance on national television.

The ABC did not mention on which station or program Cottrell had appeared. End of quote.

Funny about that. Late last year, Sleeping Giants Bullies launched a hysterically aggressive campaign against Sky News for featuring an interview with Cottrell. The ABC and leftist politicians got in on the act: Victoria?s socialist Labor government banned Sky News from tv screens at railway stations, despite the fact that the segment was never aired on the package Sky prepared for its public transport package.

So, which station aired the program that so impressed the Christchurch killer? Quote:

There was only one program the alleged terrorist could have been responding to, so the ABC clearly decided to hide this fact.

The viewer ? now known as an alleged terrorist charged over the assassination of 50 Muslims at prayer ? was watching Cottrell on ABC TV in 2016?yet the national broadcaster failed to mention he appeared at least twice on the ABC and that crucially, it was an ABC appearance that triggered a direct response from the alleged Christchurch terrorist praising Cottrell.

As ever, imagine their response if it was another media organisation playing these games of double standards and omissions. End of quote.

But giving a platform to extremists is nothing new for the ABC. Quote:

It is not as though the national broadcaster doesn?t have form. The ABC has infamously given platforms to Zaky Mallah on Q&A as they have done more than once to David Hicks. End of quote.

Zaky Mallah is infamous for advocating the gang-rape of female journalists. Mallah pleaded guilty to threats to kill, and was lucky to escape a terrorism conviction, on a mere technicality. The ABC deliberately sought him out and smuggled him into their studio audience so that he could try and spring a gotcha on Coalition minister Steve Ciobo. Hicks, who boasted of training with Al Qaeda, is treated almost as a martyred saint by the ABC. Quote:

The ABC falls into hypocrisy and, predictably, its stumbles always fall in a way that confirm its ideological leanings. Listening to ABC radio recently I was shocked to hear a casual joke and shared laugh from a presenter about a wistful absence of conservatives being murdered ? but ?not through the want of trying or wishing?.

It was a joke in poor taste but it reveals much. End of quote.


It’s not, ipso facto, wrong to hold up extremists to public view, where they can be judged accordingly. For instance, when the BBC dropped its prohibition on the National Front, and the public was able to see and hear for themselves just what the NF were saying, the organisation’s popularity plummeted. Sunlight really is the best disinfectant.

But courting extremists in a cheap race for ratings ? or worse, fawning on extremists you slyly agree with ? then lying about it, is the most disgusting hypocrisy.