The Chinese whispers undermining democracy and freedom

Beijing welcomes Western journalists on an all-expenses-paid trip to the glorious Communist future.

Clive Hamilton?s Silent Invasion details the many ways that the Chinese communists are extending their tentacles into Western democracies like Australia. From real estate to primary production, to government infrastructure contracts, Beijing is pouring rivers of cash into its ?Silk Road? grab for world domination. Academia and telecommunications are two favourite targets: leftist academies already predisposed to sympathy for communism happily hand over their IT infrastructure to companies working for Beijing.

Left-wing academia and communications reach a dire synergy in modern mainstream journalism. Quote:

China has been actively trying to establish a new world media order in which journalists become nothing more than “state propaganda auxiliaries,” press watchdog Reporter Without Borders (RSF) said in a report published on Monday. From exporting censorship models to dictatorial states to launching intimidation campaign against dissidents, the report highlights how China’s crackdown on press freedom serves as a direct threat to democracies worldwide.

“Beijing is lavishing money on modernizing its international TV broadcasting, investing in foreign media outlets, buying vast amounts of advertising in international media and inviting journalists from all over the world on all-expenses-paid trips to China,” the report said.

[It called] Chinese President Xi Jinping “an enemy of democracy, universal values, human rights and press freedom.”

Additionally, RSF emphasized that journalists have become the Chinese Communist Party’s tools to “relay party propaganda,” and that their duties are centered around “aligning themselves with the Party’s leadership in thought, politics and action.” End of quote.

Like academics, journalists have too often been the willing stooges of brutal communist dictatorships. The New York Times? Walter Duranty is notorious for his pro-Stalin propaganda, including denying the horrifying Ukraine famine. Former French president Francois Mitterand, who also worked as a journalist in his youth, likewise denied the staggering famine in Mao?s China, despite visiting there during the height of the calamitous Great Leap Forward.

Too many journalists and publications today are similarly willing to be the useful idiots of Beijing. Quote:

Apart from expanding its media influence through [China Global Television Network] CGTN, RSF also highlighted China’s systematic practice of blending propaganda into western media outlets through the free English-language supplement called China Watch. The report pointed out that the free supplement was produced by staff at the state-run China Daily, and described the initiative as a “Trojan horse policy” that allows China to “insinuate its propaganda into the living rooms of elites??Additionally, RSF also pointed out how China tries to secure positive coverage by inviting foreign journalists on all-expenses-paid trips to attend seminars in China?

Louisa Lim, an award-winning journalist and senior lecturer at the University of Melbourne’s Center for Advancing Journalism, told DW that all the approaches adopted by China represent a coordinated move to exert their influence overseas at a time when Western news outlets are struggling for money?

Lim believes it is important for the international community to have a clear understanding about China’s definition of news?Journalism has become a tool to disseminate the CCP’s views and opinions to the population at large.” End of quote.