The Crusaders aren’t the only sport team in the left’s sights

I’m literally shaking, just looking at this.

It?s not just the Canterbury Crusaders who are facing confected pressure from tiny bands of intolerant activists to change their name. Across the Western world, everything that might offend the ?progressive? sensibilities of the left is being systematically erased. Quote:

Students at George Washington University have played for teams with the ?Colonial? mascot for years, but that just might change, if student voters have their way. End of quote.

Some students. Quote:

One could not learn history from architecture any more than one could learn it from books. Statues, inscriptions, memorial stones, the names of streets–anything that might throw light upon the past had been systematically altered

George Orwell, “1984”

In late March, 54 percent of more than 5,000 student voters approved a referendum calling on George Washington University to change the name to something less ?offensive,? The GW Hatchet reported. End of quote.

GW has 28 000 students. So, just over half of barely one-fifth of students actually voted for the proposal.

That doesn?t stop the mendaciousness from ?progressives?. Quote:

?We were ecstatic that students took the time to express their voice,? student government Sen. Amy Martin said, according to the Hatchet. ?We always thought that it was a decent portion of the student body that didn?t feel comfortable with this.?

Resolution co-sponsor and fellow senator Andr? Gonzales called for cooperation between the student government and the administration, with both parties ?honoring what students are saying in this matter.? Student government President-Elect SJ Matthews told the Hatchet that she was ?very excited? by the result of the vote. Matthews supports a name change. End of quote.

Of course they?re ?excited?: they asked all their friends, and a bare majority agreed with them. Quote:

Many conservative students did not support the name change.

?We actually were never reached out to by anyone in the SA about changing the mascot, so if they would like to hear our opinion and administrators would like to hear our opinion, we would be happy to give that,? GW Young Americans for Freedom Co-President Kara Zupkus, who is also a Campus Reform correspondent, said. End of quote.


It appears that many students were simply kept in the dark about this Orwellian push to Memory Hole a sports team?s name. Quote:

Campus Reform interviewed students on campus earlier this semester to get their thoughts on changing the mascot. At the time, many students were unaware of the push to change it. End of quote.

In any case, the junior Red Guards could care less what anyone who disagreed with them thought. Their dictatorship of the offended is all that counted. Quote:

One student who appeared in the video and was aware of the issue noted there were “students on this campus who don’t feel comfortable with it and so then it doesn’t really matter what other students think if it makes them uncomfortable.? End of quote.


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