The fans COMPLAINED, we listened: Sirloin & Rump steaks PLUS bacon

Available due to popular demand.

The Whale Meat Company Sirloin & Rump Steaks box.

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Discover why Whale Meat Company fans wax lyrical about our meat.

Tried supermarket Rump and don?t like it?

Sick of paying for below par Sirloin?

Here is the answer to your prayers: Sirloin & Rump Steaks from the Whale Meat Company.

The Whale Meat Company has aged and cut these two steak types to inspire your inner Bard. Whale Meat Company fans have discovered the enjoyment of Sirloin & Rump again.

An inspirational combination. You get two types of steak: Rump and Sirloin. Plus Bacon.

You can re-discover steaks that are aged beautifully, cut delicious and thick and if you want to go the whole hog: make it better with bacon!

These steaks are enough to move your soul. Aged 21 days, thick sliced and vacuum packed to deliver the tender, juicy goodness you demand.

They come with bacon, need we say more?

To enjoy your Sirloin and Rump again, buy this pack NOW.

You will receive:

  • Sirloin steak (4 pieces x 250g) x 3 packs
  • Rump steak (4 pieces x 250g) x 3 packs
  • Streaky bacon (500g)
  • Eye bacon (500g)