The first step on the road to a dictatorship

From the Long Live Free Art exhibition in Cairo where artists protested the new constitutions clamp down on freedom of expression. #LongLiveFreeArt #Egypt #Keizer

On March 28th SB wrote an article headed – I?m scared of our government. Although the headline might look over the top at first glance the content in the piece is a wake-up call to every sane person in this country. I completely agree with the comment SB made that the snowball effect this terrorist set in motion is threatening to divide our society and destroy our democracy and this is exactly what he wanted to happen. SB further said that our kind and compassionate government, with the best of intentions, is creating a world she is scared to live in.

The terrible loss of life in Christchurch does not change one basic fact – Christianity, on which western civilisation is based, and the Muslim religion are poles apart. That has not changed and will not change.

The only way it will change is if Christians convert to the Muslim faith and embrace Sharia law either voluntarily or by coercion. It certainly won?t happen the other way around. Christians and Muslims are lucky that in this country we are able to live pretty much harmoniously. However, just as there are white supremacists so too there are radical Muslims all too keen to spread hate. There is evidence of this in this country, such as blaming the Jews for the Mosque attacks.

This is where the government has a problem and it is a problem inherent on the Left side of politics, the ability to be objective. We have seen it with the Democrats in America with their anti-Trump hysteria. In relation to Christchurch, we have heard two words used an awful lot – white and right. It?s getting to the point where if you are white and on the political right, then you are somehow complicit in the crime.

The Left believe only their narrative, which they judge to be the correct one, therefore there is no debate. Hence the so-called Captain?s Calls. Charter Schools and Oil & Gas are good examples. This is not how a democracy is run and it is the first step on the road to a dictatorship.

Another way the Left pursue their agenda is to limit freedoms, speech being the most obvious as there are many avenues that can be used to achieve their aims. We have to be very watchful of any moves the government might make that involve our freedoms. I rather suspect that Comrade Cindy could use this point in time to further her Marxist agenda. She could well be looking at laws passed recently by the European Parliament that virtually shut down the internet.

Laws should never be made on the basis of pandering to one section of society be it religious or otherwise. In my view, this is something that could well happen. History shows those presently in power don?t make decisions based on logical thinking. The reality is that, even without the Christchurch event, we are becoming a changed country under this regime.

Democracy is being replaced with dictatorship. This Labour-led Coalition of Losers is displaying a level of appalling naivety while running a hard socialist agenda, both of which are at best troubling and at worst dangerous.

Where the government has failed with this tragedy is in a balanced response. You only have to look to the UK for evidence of what can happen if situations are not handled correctly. The virtue signalling by the prime minister and worse, encouraging others to do likewise, was a big error. Make no mistake, there will be some Muslims who would like to see Sharia law imposed here. If not now, then sometime in the future. All the compassion and kindness in the world won?t change that.