The left’s updated version of Fawlty Towers

Take equal parts “tolerance, respect and understanding”, throw in a bit of “illumination” and voila! You have created the left’s updated version of Fawlty Towers ‘Don’t mention the war’ episode.

Last week the luvvies have been conflicted, severely, and, not knowing what to do in fear of breaching one of the myriad self-imposed ideological boundaries, have chosen to keep low, whispering ‘don’t make a fuss’, ‘don’t say anything’, and definitely do not mention the war.

Under different circumstances, had roles been reversed, the reaction would have been red-hot but we’re talking, in one case, of the ‘religion of peace’ and in the other of a lefty cultural icon which are both ‘no-go’ areas.

So: the Sultanate of Brunei gets a soft ride in the Guardian article Brunei defends death by stoning for gay sex in letter to EU, insisting the medieval mindset has been thoroughly modernised but ignoring the fact that the four-page letter at the heart of the article is, in fact, a giant middle finger to the bloc. How utterly gutless. How very left of them.

Next hypocrisy is the revelation of James K Baxter’s sexual violence, admitting to raping his wife, on many occasions, along with “a tendency to rape most hostesses at most parties” he attended, published on Stuff with the very appropriate headline Baxter and rape: Now what?

I can tell you ‘Now what’…crickets, that’s what, because according to Professor Janet Wilson the man was “a very powerful though uneven poet” who “had much to say of intrinsic value about New Zealand” and “we can see the rape confessions as illuminating the buttoned-up New Zealand of the 1950s and 60s”. Fair enough; Janet, but if we were talking Wilson Whineray instead of Baxter I can guarantee there would be torch-marches in the streets and demands that rugby disavow itself of the man and his deeds, no matter how notable.

And as for ‘illuminating’, how about throwing some light on this, all you fearless social justice warriors – the keystone, the ultimate authority Brunei claims in their letter to the EU, to a one-thousand year regression in civilised standards, it’s right there in the letter, it’s not hidden, it’s almost as though the heroic Guardian ‘reporters’ were wilfully blind: quote.

[…] The punishment of Hadd and Qisas in the SPCO are not man-made laws but are ordained by Allah […]

The penal sentences of?hadd ? stoning to death and amputation ? imposed for offences of theft, robbery, adultery and sodomy, have extremely high evidentiary threshold […]

The Syariah criminal law system focuses more on prevention than punishment. Its aim is to educate, deter, rehabilitate and nuture rather than punish. end quote.

So there you have it. The act of killing people by throwing rocks at them is now educational, rehabilitating and nurturing. Very modern, I would say. quote.

In a four-page letter to MEPs, the kingdom?s mission to the EU called for ?tolerance, respect and understanding? with regard to the country?s desire to preserve its traditional values […] end quote.

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An example of “traditional values” Tolerate this you Islamophobe!