The parasitic infestation by the Left

Fish tongue parasite

First a couple of my definitions.

  • A parasite is an organism that lives in or on an organism of another species (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the other’s expense.
  • Left-wing politics supports an expanded role for the government, all the while espousing social equality and egalitarianism, while implementing radical, socialist and communist philosophies.

I was prompted to write this article after reading about an African Catholic, Cardinal Sarah, who had the temerity to make a public statement urging the Church to focus more on its spiritual message, to speak about God rather than throw its body and soul into social problems such as migration, ecology, and poverty.

I was reminded of the way the ecological movement had been overtaken by those promoting socialistic agendas. Dr Patrick Moore, one of the co-founders of Greenpeace, has spoken about how far the current Greenpeace movement has veered from its roots. In response they have tried to erase Dr Moore from their history, claiming he was never a founder at all. Thanks to the Wayback Machine?s Internet Archive, however, we can see he was proudly accredited as such on their website, before the purge.

The Greenpeace of those days, with the bravery of its members who sailed their boats into the area where nuclear testing was being undertaken, is not the same organisation as today. Today they run around like Chicken Little, promoting fear and uncertainty, based on nothing but discredited computer models and interpretations of data that are also now being redefined to suit their narrative. They claim that any change in climate is man-made, without any tenet of scientific principle to establish cause and effect. They ignore the old adage ?correlation does not infer causality? and cap it all off with the unscientific phrase ?the Science is settled?.

I’ve always seen these people as hypocritical, wearing a cloak of sanctimony (environmentalism) to sucker the population into accepting their hidden socialistic philosophies and ideologies.

The left are truly parasites, deriving energy and sustenance from the original ‘host’, but injecting their failed and abominable ideas into those organisations that once had some very high ideals. Thus their socialistic and communistic philosophies are given credence and validity, because they are coated with the overt ideals that we all mostly agree with, such as ‘clean rivers’, ‘green spaces’ etc. The Green party are called Watermelons for good reason: an outer layer of ‘green’, but substantially ‘red’ on the inside.

Going back to the Catholics, there is an interesting parallel. With the recent ascendancy of Pope Francis, the Catholic Church has taken a lurch to the left side of politics and a major change in advocacy for social and humanitarian issues. Now one may say this makes a far more caring and humane organisation but, as one commentator put it, this will relegate it to nothing more than another NGO, with nothing unique at all about its message.

Pope Francis has been quite vocal in his criticism of President Donald Trump and his immigration policy to build a wall on the USA southern border. Another commentator pointed out quite rightly that “the Pope should remember that Heaven has a wall, a gate, and a very strict immigration policy. It’s only Hell that has open borders”.

Also in the ninth century, Pope Leo IV announced that the Vatican City needed walls to protect it from the Saracen pirates who were pillaging southern Italy. (Saracen is a term from the Middle Ages that refers to Arabs and Muslims.)

So it seems that the Catholic Church has been infected with a parasite of its own, using the genus of the Church, a spiritual organisation, to advocate on everyday political issues in a very partisan manner. Catholics I?ve talked to in New Zealand are not happy.

At the same time Pope Francis continues to do nothing to mitigate the issues in South America, his home continent, such as responsible use of birth control, equality for homosexuals, and his totally wimpish response to the issue of perverted priests.

While I’ve never been a Catholic, I’ve always accepted that as humans we are physical, mental, and spiritual beings and that there is a place in society for organisations to help us grow in spiritual understanding. Separation of Church and State has been part of our society’s enlightenment, and a quick review of countries that do not have separation indicates that barbarism and stone age thinking are a part of the mix where religion and state are intertwined.

The parallel between these two situations shows how, by infecting benign organisations and asserting power and control, leftist culture can successfully divert the organisation from the course set by its founders.