The phone is mightier than the arrow

Caption: I used to text, then I took an arrow to the phone.

There are many tales of soldiers whose lives were spared when bullets or shrapnel were stopped by a Bible carried in the breast pocket. For instance, Lance Corporal Elvas Jenkins at Gallipoli: Quote:

A lead shrapnel bullet struck the middle of the book, passing through the Psalms and Revelation and piercing the pages all the way to Acts. Beyond Acts, the Gospel pages stopped the bullet. They are compressed but not pierced through. The lead ball still sits there today. End of quote.


It?s perhaps a sign of the time that hardly anyone carries pocket Bibles any more but nearly everyone carries a phone. Now people are being saved by their phones. Quote:

A man who was shot at with a bow and arrow during an alleged home invasion remarkably used his mobile phone to block the hit. End of quote.

Nimbin has been famous since the 1960s as the epicentre of Australia?s hippy counter-culture. But it seems that it?s not all peace and flowers. Quote:

At around 9am Wednesday morning, the 43-year-old house owner returned to his home in Nimbin in northern NSW to find a man on his property allegedly armed with a bow and arrow.

When the resident held up his phone to take a photo of the armed man, it was fired at him and pierced through the man?s mobile phone, NSW Police allege.

The force of the arrow caused the phone to hit the resident in the chin, which left a small laceration but did not require medical treatment. End of quote.


So instead of body armour, should soldiers go into battle festooned with iPhones?

Still, I doubt even an arrow-stopping mobile phone is going to be much help the next time some screen-absorbed millennial walks into traffic. At that point, natural selection will be the winner.

Image: Shutterstock