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The Right-Wing of NZ needs courage

Cartoon by Bill Leak.

Chris Trotter?s latest piece for Incite, Fixing What?s been Broken, raised an important point which has also been occupying my own
mind in the last few weeks.

Chris wrote:

An effective defence of liberal democratic values requires at least one of two crucial qualities. The first is gravitas. A leader able to project wisdom and serious intent is an invaluable asset to any conservative party. If that same leader is also able to convey a sense of hidden strength ? menace even ? then so much the better. Is National?s current leader in possession of either of these qualities? Does Simon Bridges possess gravitas and/or menace? Not really, but then, does anyone in the present National caucus possess them?

Obviously, the answer is a resounding ?no.? The entire National caucus is devoid of any members possessing gravitas and/or menace. Another word for menace might be 'aggressiveness'. Defending a democracy from the insidious freedom-crushers, who are currently seeking to restrict freedom of expression in a frankly totalitarian way, requires an opposition leader to fight back with full-throated, aggressive conviction. Alas, there is no such opposition leader, not even among the minor right-wing parties, such as ACT or even the New Conservatives. The elusive One New Zealand Party doesn?t even have an operational website.